Make it Monday // DIY Magnetic Make Up Storage

I've been collecting a lot of make up over the past few months.  I have very little storage for it so I threw around the idea of depoting it all & putting it in a magnetic palette.  I went back & forth with the idea until I finally just went for it.  The problem was finding the right palette or tin to put it in.  I played around with some empty e.l.f. make up palettes - I pried the pans out & they made really great compacts to store depoted make up in for travel.  
But I wanted a bigger one for everything (or most of everything).  I had an empty tin that acrylic paints came in so I decided to stick magnetic tape to the back of each pan of eyeshadow/blush as well as a label with the name of each product.  Overall I think this cam out pretty neat - but I'm still on the hunt for something better to hold it all!  Here's how to do it:
I emptied out all my packaged make up by using a candle to heat the glue from the bottom of the container.  Make sure you do this in a ventilated room - cuz that plastic smells horrible when melted & I can't imagine that it's good for you.  Be careful, but use a toothpick or any sort of pointy thing you don't mind getting a bit of melted plastic on to push up the pan from the back.  The metal pan may be a little hot so lay it on a surface that the glue won't mess up.
 I laid mine on a few sheets of paper so I could write the name of the product under it.  After I depoted everything, I used the names to make labels on the computer.  I cut up plain address labels to stick to the back.
 Put your labels however they will fit, then add your magnets.  If you need them to stick better use hot glue - that helped mine to stay since they kept falling off once stuck in the pan.  Then arrange all your products the way you'd like.  You can get a smaller tin to use for travel & use this one for everyday storage.  I love it so far!

How do you store all your make up?  Any other magnetic surfaces to try?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. That would be SO USEFUL! Right now I just throw all mine in to a bag. haha. It works for now, but I'd love to be more organized.

    - April

  2. This is a great idea!!!! If you need something different look into a Z-palette.


  3. My daily "essentials" like powder, cover up, etc. are kept in two makeup bags near my desk/vanity area (you know, pulling my mirror forward). One bag is all eye/lip related stuff, and the other is face. All my palettes (and there are a LOT...I have all 5 of the 120's from BH, all three California ones from them, and the Party Girl and Jenny Rivera palettes too, plus a few Urban Decay and Too Face) are in a plastic bin with a lid and stashed in the closet. I have a makeup buying problem.

  4. I am pretty much in love with this idea. This is so great. And look how organize your make ups are. Oh! I will definitely going to give this idea a try.



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