Trend Tuesday // Naked & Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes

Ever since singing up for Birchbox & Ipsy I've been feeling the urge for high end make up.  I think I mentioned going into an Ulta for the first time a bit ago & having to control myself!  High end make up is just so appealing!  But let me tell you want I do: I get online & look up dupes or even sets that just look/act the same.  Because even though I want to spend $50 on an eyeshadow palette, that ain't gonna happen anytime soon!  I've had my eye on the Naked Palette which is filled with so many beautiful neutral eyeshadows...but that mess is $50 (do you know how many awesome things I could do with $50 besides by one eyeshadow palette?).  So I thought about getting the Naked Basics palette.  While $27 sounded a bit better.....$27 is still a bit too much.  So, what am I to do? Find awesome drugstore alternatives! Here are some great trios, quads, & palettes if you're looking for a natural look & more variety - I think I'd rather spend $27 creating a custom look, ya know what I mean?  (Plus a lot of brands have a neural option if you want to just buy one thing and not pick & choose)


Eyes Lips Face
Or Elf as it's so tenderly called has great affordable make up that is rather good quality.  Their online site has much more to offer than your local Target or Meijer (I've just seen elf in Wal-Mart too!).  These two palettes are from the Studio Line & the Essential Collection.  The geometric one (here) is sold for $3 & the more traditional compact (here) is sold for $3 as well!  These both seem to be more like the Naked Basics palette featuring 6 colors.  Some of them seem to be pretty close too!

These are the Colour Riche quads & the two featured here are Army Brat and Cupa Joe.  I like the Cupa Joe quad because the colors are more neutral & less gold.  But these Colour Riche quads also come in a variety of colors not just neutrals.  So if you want to have a collection more on the Naked side of things you could pick up one like Love to Hate Me which has a blue color in it & a darker black.  But if you're looking for a go to neutral look with out too many options, a small quad like this is great - enough to change it up but not too much so you feel comfortable.

These are the Revlon Photoready Primer + Shadow palettes that feature eyeshadow & a primer.  Impressionist & Metropolitan are totally nude collections but you could also spice it up with something like Graffiti that has a really nice blue in it.  Again, these have a bit more to them (colors + the primer) but not too much where you feel overwhelmed.  You can create a simple go to look!  These are a bit more pricey though - anywhere from $5 - $7 (or up!).

More Eyes Lips Face!
This is a great big fully neutral palette!  If you're looking for some insane variety in your neutral looks this sister palette to the 100-color Studio Eye Palette is the winner.  100 colors might be too much by 32 is just enough right?  This sells for $10 on the elf website, a steal compared to the Naked, Naked2, & Naked basics palette!  This palette has the richer dark neutrals but is missing colors like gunmetal, toasted, hustle, & creep. This 32 palette comes in a few color combos & each has a few neutrals scattered around as well so you can totally get your color fix with one of the other 4 options!

Wet n Wild Color Icon Trios
These are my favorite! They are so affordable & great quality.  Compared to elf, Wet n Wild eyeshadow trios are the best! At around $2.99 a pop, they are pretty affordable too.  I've been considering depoting mine & putting them in a little custom tray to create my own neutral palette because a lot of the trios have great neutral colors mixed into the bright crazy colors.  These trios are so affordable, I seriously suggest just buying them all!  (Same with elf, buy it all girl, buy. it. all.)  They even have a new Pop Art Craze collection with insanely bright colors but Muse & Carouse has the prettiest matte brown!  The best neutral trio is Walking on Eggshells.  I go to this one everyday!

NYX Natural Palette
It's the closest thing to Naked Basics in that it's a six pan palette laid out in the same sort of way featuring a range of neutrals from light to dark.  I honestly don't own anything NYX but this is something on my to collect list because I hear the quality of NYX stuff is awesome!  You can find NYX online or at stores like Ulta for drugstore prices.  I'm loving how this little palette is sleek & pretty close to the real thing in layout.  This palette is about $7 & there's another one called Wicked Dreams with 24 eyeshadows that seriously have some pretty close looking colors to the Naked palette!

Anyway, these are just a few ways to get a cool neutral eye with out having to spend mega bucks.  I think that all of these are really great quality for drugstore products especially if your short on cash or just not willing to shell out a lot for something for your face.  I think a good drug store collection is just as comparable to a high-end collection!

What eye look do you go to?  Are you a neutrals fan or do you need more color?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I own the Naked 2 palette (which I LOVE). It was gifted to me - or else I wouldn't own it. $50 for eye shadow is not such a friendly amount for my college student budget. I love that you've included some other options/dupes!

    However, if you have the extra money I say go for the Naked. The quality is amazing and I've had mine for over a year, usually almost daily and none of the colors are even remotely close to wearing completely out (though some I've used way more than others).

    Awesome post!

  2. I realize this post is like a week old, but wanted to chime in and say that I own the Naked Basics palette and after buying it, I threw out ALL my other eye shadow. The difference between high end and cheap eye shadow is incredible.

    Granted, I haven't tried the dupes you've listed, and I have liked NYX in the past, but man, I love my Naked palette.

  3. This made me giggle (can you tell I'm REALLY behind on blogs!? haha):
    (Same with elf, buy it all girl, buy. it. all.)


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