Bloggers I Admire for One Reason or Another

There are several people I look up to in this world of blogging.  Some people I look up to because of their business sense, some because of their honesty, some because they are adorable, some because I can relate to them, & some even still because they stand up for what they believe in.  For the sake of love, here is a list of just a few bloggers I totally admire:

She also makes me want to wear a two piece, her post here
I love this chick & her blog because she keeps it real.  So real.  She loves herself, she's super cute, & super inspiring.  She don't take no shit & her hair, glasses, face, eyeballs, (everything!) just drips confidence.  Her fashion sense sends me into full on squeal mode because she's so bold & so confident.  Just seeing her walk about in real life looking awesome makes me walk out the door with a bit more confidence.  She makes you feel like you are awesome & her current Fat Bitch eCourse that I've been loosely following is a super fun experiment in self confidence.  Speaking of her fashion sense, she instagramed this picture the other day of spicing up her work outfit for the mall by tying up her shirt to the side.  Love. It. Also, floral & polka dots? Gimme, gimme! Also, she illustrates pretty rad ladies that just plain ol make me happy.

Also, her & her husband just bought a house, now they can go through all the stuff Zach & I did! lol
I've followed this chick since she blogged under The Curious Pug.  I love her because of her frankness & honesty.  She's a no fluff, straight up, honest person.  She's not afraid to say what she feels & I love it.  Reading her blog has hit me with so many duh moments.  She also sprinkles in a few adult oriented words, and I'm all about a healthy sprinkling of the f word.  She just puts it all out there in a relatable, sassy best friend way.  Also I just feel like she gets me since I totally looked to her in my recent struggles.  She's just one of those people who is just so relatable.  Her posts are always real life, she shares her ups & downs, her struggles, her successes all in a way that lets you know it's ok to try and that sometimes you surprise yourself and sometimes you will pick up a new hobby - ahem crocheting.  Alycia is an all around great person who just lets you know that you get the cards you're dealt & you can make the best of them.

She's always the cutest, this dress is my fave
I've been a fan of Kaelah since before I blogged, since before I knew how to follow blogs & just kept them all in my head.  She's it the most professional yet real-life relatable person I haven't ever met! She answers every email, replies to every tweet, amens every comment, she's just a plain ol nice person.  I don't know how she does it but she really does live, eat, & breathe what she believes in which, in all honesty, is herself.  I look up to her because she take time to be herself in a world where she tries (and succeeds) to do so many things.  She's a small business inspiration to me, a fashion inspiration, a stand up for yourself inspiration, and a self love inspiration.  Kaelah keeps it honest, keeps it real, & shows you how working for what you want pays off.  She's also not afraid to be the person who stands up for something in a polite & fully developed way.  She's not one for passiveness, she's not one to back down, she will hold her ground.

Needless to say there are many, many more lovely bloggers I look up to but let's just say when I find myself in times of trouble, it's not Mother Mary coming to me it's these three saints of blogging that speak words of wisdom.  (It's not always let it be, but it is always be yourself)

Who do you look up to?  Who gives you words of wisdom?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. A Beautiful Mess was the first blog I started reading, and then I realized how many awesome ones were there! I follow Delightfully Tacky, A Beautiful Mess, and Gussy Has A Lot To Say religiously!


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  3. Color me flattered! You made my day awesome. (deleted my previous comment because I made an embarrassing typo in my morning haze!)

  4. I love Elsie and Emma over at ABeautifulMess. It was the first blog I followed before I knew how to even follow a blog. Also, Kara Haupt over IJustMightExplode is a constant source of inspiration and awesomeness! <3

  5. I love A Beautiful Mess, too! And The Nearsighted Owl, DesignLoveFest and many many more!!!
    If you have a minute, check out my little corner too, it's about my upcoming London moving adventures! :-)

    Take care,

  6. Oh my gosh you just made my heart burst with happiness! <3

  7. Thanks for these suggestions! I'm always looking for new bloggers.


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