Make it Monday // DIY Framed Dry Erase Calendar from Instagram Pics

Happy Monday! Can you believe Summer is nearly over? It's nearly August!  Meijer already has back to school stuff out & Hobby Lobby is putting up Christmas stuff.  ARE. YOU. KIDDING?  I can't believe it!  So this DIY is perfect for going back to school - dorm decor & what not - or if you just feel like you need a calendar by the door!
I used a photo from the beginning of Summer for this.  If you're making this maybe for your dorm, you can use 12 photos you love from home or from summer or make a new one each month from college photos.  The best part about this is it's a marker board so you can circle important dates, come up with your own color coordinated code, or write notes to your room mate or in my case - to myself.  Since Zach & I leave through different doors in the morning I put this near my door!

So start off with a picture you want to use.  I pulled one off of instagram from the beginning of Summer that I then edited through PicFrame for the circle shape.  PicFrame has a few different shapes you can use but I chose a simple circle.  
I created a calendar template (download instructions are at the end of the post!) that you can change for each month using a font that should be available on your computer - Century Gothic.  When you open the document in Word, make sure to highlight the text that says highlight & insert picture here. to make sure the picture fits correctly, us a square image no bigger than 612 px (you can use a photo editing program to crop it down to size.)
I just made one month template, so if you ever find a month that needs more rows for days, you can decrease the font in that box & do a / between each number or play around until your satisfied with the look (for example, March of next year I think has another row on a calendar).  Here's what your finished calendar should look like:
There is also plenty of space around the calendar to write notes & reminders.  I picked up a frame from the dollar store, trimmed the 8.5x11 paper to fit 8x10, framed my calendar, & placed it right by the door!  I can't wait to remember all the things I keep forgetting.

Download Instructions
I created a template for you, find it here.  To download it, click the link where you'll be redirected to a Google Drive page.  In the top left corner under File there is a little arrow, click that to download.  Once it downloads to your computer you should be able to open & edit it in word.  I hope it works for you! This is the first time I've done anything downloadable with the intention of editing it afterwords!  Remember, this is free for personal use.  Share it with friends, print for yourself, or make a gift!

Have a great week!

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I have a whole stack of these that I'm taking to a craft fair next week! I love love love this idea! Simple, yet so awesome!


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