Make it Monday // Sugar Body Scrub & Honey Sugar Lip Scrub

So, this is sort of a cop out Make it Monday because I was bored & wanted to whip something up & it turned out really awesome!  It's actually nothing new just something I've been intimidated to make: a sugar scrub.  Ever since I got my lemon sugar scrub in my June Birchbox I've been dying to finally try out a make it at home version.  Now, I know there are better ingredients out there - if I make this in the future I want to use raw sugar - but I just used what I had on hand...and I don't think it's too bad.  I'm also trying the fight fire with fire bit - I've got oily skin on my face & I read somewhere that if you keep your skin hydrated then it won't over produce oils and this little concoction feels really hydrating on my body but super perfect on my face.  I love the way my skin feels afterwards especially with the warmth of the shower, its just nice.  Like a little spa day.  I'm excited to see if it improves my skin though keep in mind you shouldn't exfoliate everyday.
I've also been really dehydrated - totally my fault, not enough water! - so my lips have been really peeling & chapped.  My first line of defense is obviously drinking more water, but I usually put on some of the medicated chapstick & my mint baby lips during the day.  When I wake up though I really want a clean canvas to start my moisture with so I put together this little screw top container of honey & brown sugar!

This is also just a very loose recipe because it's fool proof - tweak it how you want so it fits in your container, fits your scent, fits you.  Honestly these are nothing new but if you've ever been intimidated by something like making a body scrub, seriously it's super easy!  These are just bases as well - I didn't have any essential oils or a fine grater to grate some citrus zest into the mix.  So you can totally personalize these.
Olive Oil Body Scrub
You'll need Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Granulated Sugar.
I started with 1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil then added sugar 1/4 of a cup at a time in a measuring cup.  I believe I added about 2.5 cups of sugar into the mixture to get it the really thick paste-y consistency.  I mixed mine with a fork & once it seemed to reach the consistency I liked I transfered it to the container.

I poured mine into a ball jar - I actually made too much for the first jar container I had, so that's why I'd start small then add.  This recipe is really easy because if you start with a measurement of olive oil you don't really have to remember the amount of the other ingredients because you just keep adding until it's the consistency you want.  I wanted mine to be really paste-y & less runny.  I keep mine away from the shower because I don't want it to fall in or off & break since it's glass...so a plastic container may be better for you!

Coconut Oil Face Scrub
You'll need organic pure coconut oil & granulated sugar
For this I did the same thing - measured out a bit of the oil & added sugar 1/4 of a cup at a time.  This whipped together a lot easily & made more of a whipped consistency.  My coconut oil was more solid but still mixable.  You may have to heat it up a bit - just a bit - to get it to be mixable.  Keep adding until you are satisfied.

I like the whipped consistency & lightness of the coconut oil scrub.  My oil was made with mature coconuts - way to read the packaging - so there's no coconut smell.  This is the one I like to use on my face.  The oil is much lighter & feels much better on my skin.

If you use these guys on your face be sure to be careful, you may even what to find less coarse sugar because you don't want to make your face angry.  Make sure to work in circular motions - on both your face & body - and don't do it everyday.  Your skin should be softer & feel healthier - you don't want to make your skin red & irritated.  I like these homemade versions because the sugar lasted a bit longer in the exfoliating process.  With the scrub I got in my Birchbox it didn't seem to exfoliate as well since the sugar dissolved rather quickly.
Lip Scrub
You'll need a bit of honey & brown sugar
I used a little screw top container I had - it might have been intended for beads or other craft supplies!  I just mixed a little bit of honey & less than a teaspoon of brown sugar together with a little spoon to create this scrub.  I rub on my lips when I need it (usually at night before bed) and apply a lip moisturizer.  You could also add in a bit of extra virgin olive oil to give this a more hydrating feel.

The body & face scrub really made my skin feel nice!  Like I said these are just thrown together recipes but it's amazing what simple ingredients can do.  This might also be great for someone who's not too keene on scents.  I can't wait to find more DIY beauty ideas to try!

Have you made any at home beauty products?  Anything amazing??

xoxo, Moe

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  1. They all look so good and good on you for giving them a go! I might have to try them myself, especially the olive soil scrub. I actually picked up a vintage beauty recipe book up yesterday which had some interesting ideas for products which I might have to try too!

  2. This looks delicious for eats :) LOL



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