Trend Tuesday // Summer Staples that Never go out of Style

There are quite a few things that I've had forever that haven't ever seemed to go out of style!  I love picking up things that I can wear & use for quite a while - I need to be better at it, in fact.  But here are a few things that are always, always going to be trendy in the summer:

Summer Staples

Iced Coffee - This isn't really a summer fashion staple, but come on...when are you ever going to not stop by your favorite coffee place for their yummy iced creamy deliciousness? Seriously.

Bangles - I have bangles that are 3 summers old that are still relevant.  I lucked out & picked out some great colors, but even plain gold bangles can last you many summers (and falls & winters).  If you want to save a few bucks, head to your craft store to pick up some beads & elastic to create easy summer trends.  (Check out this post for some inspiration)

Canvas Shoes - Whether it's Converse or Keds, canvas shoes will always be a go to for Summer.  Great for camping, boating, shopping, etc these shoes will last you many, many summers.

Strappy Sandals - Pick up a pair of neutral strappy sandals & you'll have a great Summer staple for many summers ahead.  I've got a pair from the first summer in Williamsburg!  When I had to pick up some ugly, yet comfortable black shoes for the resort I worked at I picked mine up.  They've held up well & in fact the first time I've bought more sandals was this Summer!

Blush/Bronzer Duos - Any duo or palette will do because you'll be traveling a lot during the Summer & you don't want to bog down your carry on with a bunch of different products.  Currently my favorite little duo is the one above from e.l.f.

Maxi & Mini Skirts - Because comfort will never go out of style, these skirts will always be in.  I've stayed away from the hi-low trend (it's not that flattering on me) and I don't know if it's going to be around next summer.  But pick a bright color & a neutral....you'll know you'll always be on trend.  I found some short skirts in a bunch of colors at Target last summer - they were the perfect summer colors & great to wear this year too!

Jean Shorts - Since the dawn of the jean, I'm sure jean shorts have been in.  Simple ones can always be glammed up with accessories & you can even stop by your local thrift store to distress a pair of cut off jeans to match ones you've seen in stores.

The Satchel - Because you will always have to cary things & it is always more comfortable to carry it across your body.  I have 4 totally perfect, totally neutral, & totally relevant cross body satchels in various sizes.  I have a lot of purses, but I swear I go back to these 4 all the time.  Look for simplicity, you don't want anything too trendy or anything that will be out by fall or next summer.  Simple lines, lots of pockets, not too much flash are the things you want to look for to use this back Summer after Summer.

These are my Summer staples that seriously stand out in my wardrobe & cup holder this Summer.

What do you wear year after year? Any beauty products you'd like to include?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I'm all about the bags - I have several in various sizes in browns and black. I always like to keep a bottle of mascara in my purse and I'm loving neutral colored V-necks as well. I have some greys and blacks that I wear constantly during the summer. I rarely go out on a limb with colors. I'm boring. haha.


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