Sum Up Sunday #71

This week has been filled with ups & downs.  I don't know why all of a sudden I feel lost in my own shoes, but I do.  I feel lost in blogging, in my handmade dream, in our vintage shop, in a lot of things.  So I'm just trying to push through - to discover myself again - and hope it works.  I guess maybe it's just one of those times of change in my life...but I wish I could just figure it out!
I've also decided a bit about this blog: I'm just going to let it be what it is for right now.  I'm going to post what I want, whether there are pictures or not, whether it's awesome or not, whether I want to or not.  The idea of blogging has always been a visual diary for me & a way to share with others that they are not alone.  Sometimes life isn't perfect, sometimes your photos come off your iphone, & sometimes you don't post.  I love that I can use the blog as a source of influence & income...but I need to get back to the no pressure side of blogging.  I said it before but the pressure came from myself - from trying to live up to some sort of near perfect, monetized idea of my blog & that just was too much and I began to feel dishonest to what I'd started this blog for.  So anyway, this week's Sum Up Sunday is just going to be little tidbits from the week:

- I flew home from Maryland & one of my best friend's wedding last Sunday.  After our plane was delayed on the runway for nearly 2 hours I arrived back in the central time zone.  I flew in from Chicago on Friday night & the most beautiful thing I've ever seen was when we were coming in for a landing - the earth at night.  For as far as I could see were ribbons & rivers of light.  Cars moving a long, boats moving, buildings lit.  It was gorgeous!  I felt like the biggest thing in the universe but at the same time I felt like the smallest.  Changing perspectives is a great way to get a hold of yourself & a hold on life.  It was so beautiful.

- Our little house has a few little creatures living around it.  Just today I had to stop as I was pulling in the driveway because there was a turtle crossing infront of me!  I got out to take a peak at him but he was not happy about having a person around.  He started walking really fast & his shell was clanking on the asphalt!  He got to the grass & under the fence & I parked my car.  We also have a few very teeny tiny frogs, some bunnies, & our neighbors say we'll see deer too.

- The house is finally clean! After a completely lazy first few weeks of July, the house is clean.  I swear if I get off my schedule for one day, I don't do it for the rest of the week .... or ever.  Like right now I just remembered I need to do the laundry I usually do on Saturday.

- I got complimented on my resume at a little interview on Thursday.  That's the second time someone has said they chose to interview me based on the organization & layout  of my resume.  I always second guess it even though I worked so hard to create something that will visually stand out from the crowd. 

- I've been wanting a bunch of high end make up from The Balm & Benefit but then I just watch dupe videos or find pins on Pinterest & calm myself.  Speaking of high end make up, last night I had a dream that the sample eyeshadow trio from BH cosmetics had a secret back side but that mine was covered in a white dust.  It was weird but not surprising as I have crazy dreams all the time.

- I've been craving Orange Julius & I just found out there is one 26 minutes from my house.  A bit too far to drive but I think it's near where the Target is (that's right, the closest Target is half an hour away.) I tried to make my own Orange Julius drink but it didn't work out too well....

- I think I'm going to try to make more YouTube videos because they are fun & easier than putting together a blog post for me.  Do you think I should?  It's kind of weird talking into a camera but I've filmed a few that I haven't uploaded & have gotten a bit used to it.  I just want to do something different.

- Tomorrow's Make it Monday will feature some DIY body scrubs that are nothing new but I was so intimidated by the thought of making them that I never did.  Finally I just threw some stuff together & it came out alright.  There's one that's just thrown together - easy peasy - and there's one I actually thought about!

Well that's what happened this week, what happened with you? Have a great Sunday!

xoxo, Moe

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