Sum Up Sunday #70

Life according to instagram and other bits and bobs from the past week:
Zach found cherries grown near where he parks his car.  Right by our little shed.
I've been enjoying our porch & the brew over ice Keurig K-cups.  The southern sweet tea makes a pretty good cup & the donut shop iced coffee makes a yummy caffeinated summer beverage!
I've been experimenting with different make up looks lately & am thinking about posting on YouTube some make up reviews, tutorials, favorites, etc.  I like vlogging even though I feel awkward.  I've filmed like 3 videos but haven't posted any of them.
I got brave & cut my own bangs.  I think I did a good job

I also signed up for Birch Box & Ipsy Bag this week.  I thought it'd be nice to get a little surprise in my mail box each month.  I also opened up a new bank account since Wells Fargo is screwing me over.  Charging me to use my money is not helping me financially....so I can't wait to withdrawal all my cash & put it in my new account at the credit union.

Happy Sunday!

xoxo, Moe

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