5 Things I Never Want To Do

I saw this post over on Habitual Homebody & since Alycia always has posts I can relate to - seriously, it's like she knows my life! - I thought I'd give my 6 things I never want to do:

Perform CPR - Alycia included this in her list too.  I did have a CPR certificate in High School - I think it was a requirement - but I have no idea what to do anymore.  I'm so terrified of getting stuck in that sort of emergency situation.  I couldn't live with myself if I could have, but didn't, do anything.  I also am terrified of any sort of group emergency situation.  Like end of the world sort of emergency situation.  Like, you know, there's a group and someone has to take charge for us all to survive - extreme example is LOST.  I'm such a take charge person - whenever there is a group thing I'm always like I'm always in charge, I'm going to sit back let someone else do it. Then they suck (lol) so I take charge.  So I guess I never want to be that person but I might end up being that person if this situation every came!

Lose an Appendage - I don't know what I'd do if I lost an arm....my hands are sooooo important to me.  I've been terrified to even break my arm (I've never broken a bone - knock on wood!)

Have to sell all my belongings - This is rather selfish but when I was trying to move up to Zach someone suggested to sell some of my stuff to pay for it.  That's fine, but I worked hard for all the things that I have...including my piece of crap car.  I don't mind the occasional yard sale & hell I even have a whole load of shit I need to donate to the thrift store.  But I'm not going to sell my bed or my car or any furniture, etc.  It's mine...it was a gift or I bought it. No sir.  I work hard for my things.

Lose my eyesight - I'd sacrifice my hearing before my sight or my appendages.  I couldn't imaging not seeing colors or not seeing inspiration.

Lose another loved one in a traumatizing way - Like be in a car accident with them & I survive.  Or get a call that someone has died with no warning.  This is how it happened with my Grandfather but I feel a bit different about this because he knew I loved him, etc and I tried to talk to my grandparents a lot.  But I've had dreams where my mom has died, dreams where my brother has died, and dreams where my sister has died.  All suddenly with no explanation - just suddenly they are dead.  I worry so much with Zach driving around all the time that he will get in an accident.  When I don't hear from him I get worried, when he's had a long day (think like 18 hour days!) and is driving home from some crazy far place, I worry.  I just am a worry wart!

So there you have it.  I think I'm going to do a few more of these like meme posts because I need to get to know me again through blogging....so this will help me (and you) get to know me better.  Does that make sense!?!?!

What are 5 things you don't ever want to do?

xox, Moe

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  1. oh man this is a great list. i would also rather loose my hearing than my sight. how could i crochet or get my internet fix ;) and the last one about loosing a loved one, i always think 'what if brian dies because i asked him to get me ice cream across the street' or something. it's enough to drive me nuts with worry. not cool!

  2. Wonderful read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch!..le vitra


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