Summer Bucket List 2013

Last year I did a little Summer Bucket List (here & here) consisting of things I wanted to do before I moved.  A lot got done, some didn't, but I enjoyed my summer to the fullest!  This Summer I want to do the same thing so I can make the most of the first Summer in our new place.  Some of these things are going to start in the spring - like planting - but for the most part this list is something to make the warmer months pretty fun:

- plant a garden outside & an herb garden inside
- take more instax pictures
- visit the beach more than a handfull of times
- go on at least 7 weekend trips (big & small)
- be a tourist in our own town
- cook on the grill
- go antiquing & yard sale-ing
- put together a relaxing space outside to sit (we've got quite a few patio spaces!)
- get back to sewing
- keep focused on the shop(s)
- get the ceramics studio up & running
- participate in a few craft fairs
- take a class at a local rec-center or gallery
- visit the aquarium in Chicago
- do a lot of learning

This summer I'm going to need a way to completely focus on getting these things done.  I'm sick of making lists, having good intentions, then sitting on the couch after work.  I'm just so exhausted & want me time but I've noticed this is letting my goals slip through the cracks.  I think I've said it before but if I weren't as determined as I am sleep & laziness would win out...so knowing how utterly lazy I can be I'm still surprised I get anything done!!

So while I'm still brainstorming this goal getting done I'll continue to dream of warmer weather!

How are you going to make the most of the warm weather?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. Oh my goodness! I need to do this! Thanks for the reminder :) Your list is flawless girl!


  2. oh this is awesome! i'm hoping to go to the beach of course, but also to start making our new backyard patio :)

  3. The aquarium in Chicago is amazing! We went on our honeymoon and seriously you could waste the day there.

  4. You mentioned craft fairs, and while this isn't that, per se, it could be something to look into: Chesterton's European Market. It's every weekend, not sure how it works though. But it's a fun thing to check out. They have delciousness there, and occasionally the Rolling Stone Bakery is there (it's delicious pizza, you need to try it).

    Oh and Walmart did not have that shirt anymore, at least the one in Merrillville didn't. I was sad. :(

  5. <3 Ahhhh, beach going. Even if we can't visit a beach, I wanna visit Antelope Island again. Also, creating a relaxing backyard sitting area is ANOTHER goal of ours for this Summer. We'll see what we can accomplish. I am SO drained in Summer, I l-o-v-e Autumn and Winter. So during Summer, I'm definitely not at my best save for a few wonderful days here and there, like BBQing, swimming or celebrating one of our personal holidays!


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