Make it Monday // DIY 3 Simple Chain Bracelets for Summer

I've been drawn to delicate, simple chain bracelets lately.  Just a little something to add a hint of classy arm candy to an outfit.  But I haven't really been on the hunt for any lately.  So I decided to raid my jewelry making supplies to see what I could dig up.  Luckily I found a few strands of chain, some bits & bobs, clasps, & jump rings.  To add a bit of color I snatched up a bright pink nail polish - believe me, it's like neon pink the photos don't do it justice!
DIY Knotted Silver Chain Bracelet:
With your wire cutter, snip three equal lengths of chain longer than you think you'll need to fit around your wrist.  Open a jump ring & slip all three chains + one end of the clasp set then close the jump ring.  Gather all three lengths & tie an over hand knot in the center (or as close to it as possible.)  Now wrap it around your wrist & eyeball how much extra chain to take off - or you could gauge it on a bracelet you already own - and use your wire cutters to snip off the ends.  Next open a second jump ring slip all three chains + the second half of your clasp and close the jump ring.  You're done!

DIY Tri-Colored Beaded Chain Bracelet:
Like you did before cut three equal lengths of chain - to fit around your wrist, this time - in three different colors (gold, silver, & an antiqued copper), add a jump ring, & the first half of your clasp.  You'll need beads with holes large enough to thread one length of the chain through.  Add your beads.  Open up your next jump ring slide all three chains on + the second part of your clasp.  You're done!

DIY Circle Loop Chain Bracelet:
Same deal - three lengths of chain (doesn't matter if they are the same but they need to be long enough to fit around your wrist).  Add a jump ring & clasp.  I found some silver circles in my bead stash that I painted with nail polish for an enameled look but you can use any bit of chain or repeat my process if you like.  Now open up a jump ring, slide on your loop, & pick a place on the chain to place your circle, attach the jump ring & close it.  Now using your cutters snip off the excess.  You'll attach this excess right back on the other side of the circle with a jump ring.  Now repeat that with your second circle, staggering it on another chain.  You can lay this bracelet next to the others do get an idea of the excess you need to snip off.  Then open a jump ring, slip your three chains on & the second half of your clasp.  You're done!
Now you have three pretty cool bracelets for Summer!  I love them because they add a little bit on interest to an office look - even though my office is pretty laid back - or adds a bit of class to a pair of jeans.  Love it!

xoxo, Moe

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  2. ooooh! These came out very cool! :)


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