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Well, my make-up up swing is in full effect & I'm craving a lot (a lot, a lot, A LOT! lol) of new make-up and brushes.  This is sort of a secret confession: I've been watching a lot of make up videos on YouTube as well!!  I'm so weird!  Any who.....my last make up freak out (I mean obsession) was probably sophomore year of college...and my remaining collection of things is a little outdated/expired. Also, my previous up swing revolved around eye shadow and right now I'm craving different foundations, blushes, bronzers, brushes, etc.  I'm looking to really focus on a whole look, a whole proper look.  I also don't plan on spending a whole lot on this new little collection so to the drugstore, WalMart, & Meijer I go.  So here are some of the things I want to pick up to add to my little collection:
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I'm on the look out for more brushes - currently I have a big fluffy blush & a foundation brush, so I'm looking for more, more, more!  I am also eyeing this sort of beauty blender thing I've seen at Walgreens.  I used to put my make up on with a sponge & have since moved away from it....but I think this may feel better than those little baby wedges in my hand.  The contours seem like they'd blend things together better.

Since I'm all about new foundations, I'm also all about new concealers.  I've got my Rimmel BB cream that is good for summer & Rimmel foundation, I recently picked up Revlon Color Stay because I heard it was more full coverage, I want to try a Neutrogena one I've heard is great, & I want to pick up the Almay that I used to wear in high school & college.  Side note - I'm pretty sure when I was younger & first started off with make-up I used revlon, as soon as I smelled it a wave of nostalgia overtook me!  Anyway....these concealers are ones I've had my eye on every time I pop in the drugstore.

Meijer carries e.l.f stuff & I've only ever seen it in Target & online so I'm stoked to see if I can pick up a new big neutrals palette.  I'm really a neutral eye girl and my old palette was gifted to me one Christmas aaagggeess ago....probably early high school so it's time to let that baby go.  I think that's the only bit of make up thats made a million moves with me.  I just love all the neutrals in it & it's my go to palette for special occasions.  This big palette in the image above is from e.l.f. I wonder if I can find it in the store or if I've got to order it from the website.

Mascara because my mascara is rather cheap & because why not.  Who doesn't need an assortment of lash blasting products?

My face has a lot of redness & scaring from troubled skin as a teen.  This green concealer/tone correcting thing I've used since high school but I haven't bought one in a while.  I remember when I found out that green corrected red, I think I read it in like Girls Life or Seventeen or something.  My mom picked it up for me, I put some on the redness on my face and applied my make up.  It was like magic.  I was so excited to have normal looking skin!  So, I guess that's a bit nostalgic for me too!  Now I'm not embarrassed or self-conscious about my red spots but an even skin tone is nice!  Currently I'm using a tone correcter from e.l.f.

I've been lusting after a pretty yellow nail polish after seeing it on Kaelah's nails in her instagram feed...which wasn't that long ago!  But I neeeed a yellow polish.  This one from Ruby Wings changes in the sun to an orangey color.  So cool!

And since I want to keep my lips nice & since carrying around a bonnie belle lip smacker like I'm eight might not be the best approach these cute lip gloss sort of things will look just as cute but make me feel my age.

What are your next beauty buys? Anything you swear by?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I swear by e.l.f. foundation, New York City Color powder, Just Bitten! lipstain and eyeshadow from e.l.f. and Maybelline. My wife Jen has Maybelline mascara that she's in love with, so I borrow that and it's one of the best I've ever used! We're total make-up hoarders, haha. Nail polish wise, gotta be Essie. I like Zoya A LOT too! I also LOVE Avon's Mirror Shine colors. :D Avon is another brand I love, that is gentle on my skin, but Jen and I truly swear by e.l.f.

  2. I love the products from BH Cosmetics. The gel eyeliners are great to use as bases for shadows, or by themselves too. Their brushes are great quality and not super expensive too. I also love the new CoverGirl foundation that is the primer, sunscreen, and I think concealer all in one. It works great, gives full coverage, and cuts down on the time spent applying stuff too.

    Also, NYX is a favorite brand, and they have a great setting spray so I don't melt off my makeup in the heat. Love it.


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