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Turning a room in your home from generic to intimate is easier than you think with a beautiful piece of wall art. Decorating a blank wall transforms a space instantly. Walls actually can talk if you give them the chance. The challenge is getting the perfect piece that fits your space. The aesthetic potential of art is infinite, so when thinking about a wall hanging in your home the possibilities are endless. Because of this, you must follow your instincts and your intuitions. Remember, you will live with the art in your home for a long period of time. It has to be perfect, and perfectly reflect you. You can begin by choosing the colour, as colour is part of our primary sense of perception. You can choose your colour according to what will blend with the existing colours and features in your room, or you can ignore that choose a piece that will carve its very own visual pathway out in your home. There is nothing wrong with unexpected colours in your artwork. Have a look at this exemplary outdoor piece that reflects and complements the blue water of the pool:

Remember, the only rule is that there are no steadfast rules. That said, size and scale always have their different effects on a space. Large shapes make bold, determined statements. Pieces of a smaller scale, meanwhile, give a delicate and compartmentalised impressions. If you like small pieces, look into purchasing a series of matching pieces that will hang next to each other or in different parts of a space, meaning that they link the room by a common thread. For example, these creative planter boxes:

You can use shape as a theme as well. Contrast straight lines with curved lines and vice versa, like these round wooden plates:

Whatever you choose, just make sure you love it. If you haven't yet found something that you like, don't worry. You can always commission the perfect piece. Browse wall art and commissions at Entanglements.

This post was sponsored by Entanglements, an Australian based studio focused on outdoor metal wall art & decor.  Thank you for supporting the brands that support Five Sixteenths!

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  1. I rarely score huge statement pieces that I keep for myself. I group a lot of smaller pieces to make statements on my large walls and to keep it all balanced. This reminds me to always be on the prowl for huge statement pieces for customers, they love 'em.


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