Trend Tuesday // Swimsuit Ready

I was on tumblr the other day looking for some plus size fashion inspiration when I came upon this post & her two steps to having a swimsuit ready body:

  1. find a swimsuit you love
  2. put it on

I can't believe it's that easy.

That's a lie, I can believe it's that easy!  Am I the only one who gets excited when swimsuit weather nears?  I just love swimming.  I also love to look pretty fly in a swim suit & though it's hard to find one that hugs my curves in all the right ways, I still enjoy the way I look when I find the right one.  My favorite swimsuit might be on it's last Summer, so I'm on the look out for a few new ones to keep me afloat (get it!?) as we head on into warmer weather.
The first one I fell in love with was this bright red one piece from Forever21+ .  I recently bought some more jeans & a few cardigans from their plus site.  Of course since it's nearing spring there were quite a few bathing suites scattered about.  Print, solids, & polka dots.  There's another pink polka dot one I have my eye on too, but I'm afraid the baby pink will match my pale winter skin tone too much until i get a tan!  Forever21 is my go to for affordable plus size clothes.  There's not a store near us with a plus department though, so sad!

I was also looking through Modcloth's site & fell in love with some of their plus swimwear as well!  Like this pretty Gardenia Getaway one piece.  I love the print & the retro style.  This sort of style gets me every time (as you can tell!)  I'm also loving the emerald green color of this one below:
Modcloth also has a few high waisted separates that I'm tempted to try (this one is my fave!).  I'm totally loving all the plus size babes rocking their two pieces & it inspires me to break out of my shell a bit.  I'm more modest so I do gravitate towards one pieces but I'm also realizing that if I want to wear a two piece I can!  I shouldn't limit myself into thinking I can only wear a certain thing.  And I'm really into challenging myself with fashion lately - I mean look at my new love for lipstick!

Growing up near the water - both near the beach, with my grandparent's pool, & vacationing on the lake - bathing suits aren't something that were avoidable.  I've always been focused on the fun I'm having rather than the way I look.  My hair probably isn't brushed & I might be wearing a bright pink life vest...so who cares!  Case in point - two fly pool side ladies right here in two different yet super fly sizes:
I sure am gonna miss being home this summer to lounge by the pool or head to the water park after work.  Living in Williamsburg, Va meant a quick trip home to slip on suits & then a 10 minute drive to Water Country USA for a little tanning before the sun crept behind the trees.  Then maybe we'd head to Busch Gardens for dinner.  Such a hard life.

I'm hoping that our little town sort of springs to life when the days start getting warmer.  Who knows...I might be sporting my swimsuit ready body here soon, I hope you do too! Find a style you love, rock it, & have a blast this summer.  Don't let what others think hold you back.  The more you challenge yourself the more you will love yourself.

xoxo, Moe

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  1. Ooo I love that green one from Modcloth. I'm dreading this but she's right. Find a great suit and put it on! I can't wait to swim this year!!

    Ergo - Blog

  2. Loving your body positiveness! I'm not usually much of a swimmer, but I think I'm going to turn into one this summer.

  3. I like the bathing suit picks. Those are nice choices for curvy bodies. J.Crew has been having some cute bathing suits that I want to get.


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