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If there's one thing you should know about me its that in my lifetime I've become so dependent on technology.  Haven't we all?  Glued to our phones over dinner.  Flipping through facebook when we can't sleep.  And how often have you spent a little too long in the bathroom wishing you had your phone to occupy the time? TMI? (You know you've done it!)

While I try to use my computer, tablet, & phone for good...I do get caught up in both the convenience & the bordom bug.  I've noticed there are a few ways that all this connectivity has helped my blog grow, my business bloom, & just made life a bit more fun!  There's more to smart phones & tablets that Facebook & Instagram - though both have helped this blog grow & helped me meet awesome people - these little computers have helped connect my life & connect with my business!

Let's talk about the obvious first: your smart phone is a camera!  (And a pretty decent one at that!) It's easier to blog everyday life - even though I haven't been too good at it lately - with a camera in your pocket.  Social media, all at a tap of your finger, is a great way to expand your blog's reach.  Not just promotion but as a way to connect with others - maybe you're in someone's home town, maybe you're at someone's favorite coffee place, maybe you're out shopping by yourself & you don't know whether to buy the dress in green or pink, or both!  I love that this little bit of technology has the world at my fingertips.

With working full time now (which I'm loving!) I can scroll through my blog reader on lunch or sneak a tweet while I'm waiting for 5pm.  I don't have to be glued to my computer screen at home either.  I can flip through some evening reads or Pin some inspiration while cooking a meal - when we're not cooking together of course!  Responding to comments is simple when I can check my phone on the go.  

My favorite part of having mobile technology is that I don't have to remember things.  Well, I have to remember to pack up an order, but if I'm running out the door in the morning - which I usually am - I know that stored on my phone is the Etsy app where I will be able to find the shipping address.  I'm also able to tap shipped as I'm walking out the post office door. Sweet huh?  I get notified of an order & can immediately schedule packing it up & shipping it into my day.  I don't have to wait to check my email or even forget to check my email & miss and order!

We use Google Drive to store our inventory sheets, prices, sales, etc so they are ready at our finger tips.  Shared between Zach & I, these documents can be accessed from phones, desktops, & tablets no matter where we are.  Wondering when something sold or what we paid for something? Check Google Drive!    Wanna know how we're doing this month? Check Google Drive!

The camera! Enough said, right? Instant memory capture or instant coffee photo generator.  Too many camera apps, so little time.  Moving to Michigan & then to Indiana meant a whole new adventure to document & share.  I can connect with my family through Facebook - pretty much the only reason I keep Facebook!

Skype is a big deal too - on the computer if we're planning on being stationary or on the phone/tablet if we're giving a house tour!  I've used Skype plenty of times to ask my parent's questions about the house, show them something we're trying to fix, or ask them the best way to do something (like how to put studs on the walls made of particle board so that the drywall can be hung seamlessly between the large support beams & the recessed wall).

I also love that I can move from watching my current favorite show Medium from the bedroom to the downstairs tv to the iPad while I'm cooking or doing something else!  Too attached right?  Looking up recipes on Pinterest while burning things on the stove, it's the life!

I know that sometimes we get distracted by these fancy things so I also try to put them down though I'm not so good at it.  But they can be so darn useful!

What are your favorite apps? What apps help you everyday & what apps do you try to put down?

xoxo, Moe

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