Things I Want to Make // My To-Sew List

I think the best part of our house is the blending of Zach & I together that I see around the whole place.  We share a desk area, we share a workshop space (what will be my ceramics studio & his woodworking area) in the garage, and you know those other parts of the house couples share.  There's a third little work area though that will be all my own - my sewing table.

I'm super excited to find the perfect little table to sit under the window in the spare bedroom - I may have found the best one at Big Lots but we'll see.  I'll also use this room - because the light is so lovely - to photograph our vintage stuff, but for now I'm just day dreaming of my to-sew list.
You may think I want to take on a giant project like a quilt or a dress or something but no.....I like to keep it simple!  Just a few little things & just a few little stitches.  If I tackled a quilt it would never get done....too much work!  I'm a quick fix kinda gal!

a maxi skirt or two - I feel I may need a few in a few colors.  Maybe a few in jersey knit & maybe a few in a different fabric.
more aprons - I used to sew aprons right after I got my sewing machine at the end of college.  I made one for a friend, one for me, & had plans for some for the shop but only ever got one totally finished.  I really want to dedicate a weekend to busting out 5 or 10 & get them in the Five One Six shop.
hem the living room curtains - the one on the door is a bit too long...so it needs to be taken up more than a couple of inches.
sewing placemat keep all thingy - I want to make a little placemat type of thingy that also has some pockets that hang off the side of the table to hold bits of stuff.  My original reasoning behind this was because I was planning on remaking a TV tray as a tiny sewing desk.  But now I think I'm going bigger for my table...we shall see.
pretty sewing machine cover - right now my little sewing machine lives in her carrying case which has protected her from the move but when she's on display I don't want her to get all dusty so a little cover is in order.
a skirt for my table - Because I really like this pin!
nice curtains for the kitchen - I need some sort of curtain combo that will look good over the sink & on the window of the deck door.  This house has too many doors & too many windows!  Too many windows is a good thing though.
a little ironing board cover - my original sewing desk idea was inspired by this pin.  My sewing desk would do double duty as an ironing board.  But what about ironing & sewing?!?!  This ironing board TV tray can slip behind the table or hide somewhere else or be extra space.  Love it!

Right now bits & pieces of my sewing collection are around the house but slowly they are making it into one place and then slowly getting into the spare room.  I can't wait to have a few little projects going on.  I just can't sit still & it's apparent if I need three work areas!!

Do you sew? What projects do you want to work on?  Are you like me & need a million work areas? Am I just crazy?!

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I have so many ideas right now, I don't know where to start! I too, need a cover for my sewing machine, I have an apron pattern I want to try, and I have a few purses I have been meaning to make! I am too antsy to start them all, though!



    1. Oh wow!! Sewing a purse! I think that might qualify as a big project for me lol. Good luck with all your sewing adventures hope they all turn out well :) :)

  2. I'm somewhat a little intimidated by my sewing machine still, and while i'm rather good (If I say so myself) at needlepoint, i'm a little lacking in skills in making my sewing machine stitching neat and knowing where to start. I do have a little metal to do list for when we move into our first home - particularly making some patchwork curtains and more cushion covers and the like.

    1. Ooooo patchwork curtains sound wonderful! I've heard a few people use youtube (of all places!) to get more comfortable with sewing. You'd probably even be able to find something on your exact sewing machine. oh, one of my room mates in college actually took a tee-shirt quilt making class at a fabric store to learn how to work hers :)

      I could not do needle point...takes too long! But I love seing big pieces...so many stitches!


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