Fan Friday #92

Wow guys, I haven't done one of these is ages!  With the new job it just takes all of me to even think up new things to share!  But now I think I'm in the swing of it & when it comes to it Sundays are my day of blogging.  I try to wipe out all posts for the week in one blow.  I tried to save the Fan Friday post as something to work on Thursday night.....but that doesn't happen as you can see.  So I'm going to knock out Fan Fridays when I can, for example here's one for this week!

I've been meaning to do this for a while.  I just organized my makeup drawer - of course it always ends up all over the sink anyway - but this would be the better alternative to the cup of bobby pins in the medicine cabinet!  Sadly I can't find the original source from Pinterest.  Any help?
I really want to live up to this!  I went a lot of places in the past year...here's to many more places!  I think I've got the travel bug but only 5 days off from work in the next year.  I see a lot of weekend trips coming my way.

This sweet tutorial for cloud pillows from Making Nice in the Midwest.  Another sewing project to add to the list once I get my sewing table in the spare room together!
This print is awesome!!!  Saw this on Pinterest repinned by Maryam - love it!  This is how I feel nearly everyday because I really love my hair :) Pick this print up from BigMowth Prints
I want to one, have a sparkly clothing rack & two wrap all my hangers in pretty things!! I've always loved shops that have super cool & colorful hangers.....Another small finishing touch project to add to my home to do list!

Link Love
++Remember this week's Make it Monday? Well if you love looking at pretty homescreens, I did a generic search for the CocoPPa app on Pinterest.  See pretty homescreens here!++

++ I'm super excited that I've sold some Graduation Announcements through the Stationery Shop!  I need to set aside some time to add some more stuff...time, I need more time++

++I love this post titled Choose Happy on All My Happy Endings.  Happiness is important & we totally be the main part in our happiness.++

++Ever wanted a Storenvy Mini-Store? Like Etsy Mini? Well I found this the other day & it's been sitting as an open tab on my computer for ages!  Pretty cool eh?++

Happy Weekend all!

xoxo, Moe

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