Wednesday Decor // Mug Love

Our little house is coming together quite nicely.  I feel like I'm always saying we're almost done.  But we really are, I promise.  It's just all the little stuff, ya know?  We've got a lot of the big stuff done, it's just the putting away & final touches.  Zach's desk area needs to get done, I need to organize my side of the book shelf, the big room upstairs is almost clean, I need to get a sewing table (yay!) and then for the most part it's seriously finished! phew!

We've had little parts finished - the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, closet, etc - and one of my fave little parts is the coffee bar.  I'm slowly finding more & more of my handmade mugs from various artists & Zach is slowly picking up more novelty mugs for our rack.  The goal is to have an assorted collection of fun mugs & move all the borring mugs back to the cabinet!  I'm always on the look out for awesome mugs, here are some of my faves:

I'm both a coffee & a tea drinker, unlike some who prefer one over the other.  Recently, because I wake up so darned early, I've been defaulting to coffee so my little collection of yummy teas has been ignored.  I really like Tazo Tea and two of my favorites are Zen & Rest.  I really want to get into trying some loose leaf teas as well!

Last night I made a cup of the Zen added a bit of sugar & a splash of vanilla syrup and it was divine.  The Zen tea is a blend of lemon grass & spearmint so the splash of vanilla was a little sweetness surprise.  Loved it!  Perfect pick me up!

Are you a coffee or a tea lover? More importantly are you a crazy mug lover??

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I love both! Coffee and tea, and I AM A CRAZY MUG LOVER! Everytime I visit a new city I buy a mug haha
    The Tardis one is really cute =)

    Maria x


  2. those mugs are so cool. i'm a tea person.

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