The Things We Do Together // Good Food Brings Us Closer

One of the biggest things Zach & I do together is cook.  It's one of the only times we're each guaranteed to be focusing on the now.  I love cooking with Zach because he's so creative & it's just nice to spend time with each other coming together on a yummy meal.  
A lot of the time I'm surprised by how delicious the food he's made is.  Sometimes it's totally new, sometimes its just a tweak on an old recipe.  I love when he comes up with an new idea & just gets to cooking.  He's wonderful at peaking in the cupboard & fridge and then creating a meal with what we have.  Grocery shopping involves a lot of idea bouncing on what we'll make for dinner.  If we aren't in the kitchen on Sunday's drinking wine & cooking, you can find us at the grocery store deciding on what to make the following week/weekend.
Spending time together, focused on a non-stressful common goal is great for us.  We don't have to butt heads on anything, we don't have to make too many decisions, we're just working together on good food!  I love that it's a creative place where Zach takes the reins & I just trust.
Isn't there a saying about good food bringing people together? It sure does work for us!

Learn how to make Zach's delicious Salmon here
read about our adventures in black pasta making with squid ink here.

What brings you & your significant other - or your family - closer?  What do you do together that lets you focus on the now?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. My husband doesn't venture into the kitchen too much - which I actually don't mind, I love baking and I'm coming to love meal creating and adventuring for main dishes a lot more then I thought I would. Estate sale picking every Saturday is something we love doing together, we've actually both admitted we'd be poor at picking without each other - we always see things the other misses and if there's something the other is doubtful over the other one will just buy it anyway haha.


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