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I mentioned earlier that I've been working on expanding the Five Sixteenths Brand...this includes working on a STUDIO blog covering all things design related.  The first post went up yesterday with 5 tips on starting a blog of your own in the new year & the second post went up today.  Two posts, two days in a row probably won't be the norm over there, but I couldn't wait to share the awesome 2013 desktop, device backgrounds, & printable created in honor of the color of the year.

You can check out all the backgrounds here

The STUDIO blog will be updated probably once or twice a week with inspiration, freebies, blog tips, recommendations, etc.  I think it will be a lot of fun to have a second blog that doesn't need as much updating as this blog.  I'll also let you know when a new post is up from the STUDIO blog over here on Five Sixteenths.  You can also always find a link (as soon as I put it there!) in the side bar.

I have this background on all my devices & love looking at it.  Is it weird that I'd like for all my electronics to match? I don't even like using cords that don't match the color of the device.  For example, our PlayStation has a white cord charger for the controller.  Thankfully Zach found a black cord in his box of cables (it's like a tangled cord catastrophe in there!) to replace it.  I didn't even know it bothered me until I felt a bit more relaxed now that they match.  Maybe I'm just crazy!

Anyway, I hope you have a lovely Thursday.  I've already put a dent is some of the things I needed to get done today!

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