Today I am drinking a few cups of coffee & working on a few blog designs.  I'm also working on coding properly the Stationery shop.  Aaaannnnddd working on the blog portion of the STUDIO site which is (maybe) finally done.  I want to add a design inspiration & blog tip portion to the site just to give it something new when people pop by.  I think blogging regularly makes me feel awkward when things are static.
I've been focused on creating things that can stand alone & I really love the new Five Sixteenths blog design.  I think it stands on it's own & I don't feel like I have to have an image in every post.....it just looks awesome.  I can't believe that last year around this time I'd decided to start offering blog designs.  The first ones I offered were cute but not well designed.  Now I'm so proud of what I've been doing!

I'll also be shipping out an order purchased on Christmas day....yay!  Our vintage inventory is dwindling but don't let that fool you, we've got sooo much that needs to be photographed.  We're putting together the Spring/Summer collection with more entertaining & kitchen things.  Whenever a new year begins I always think about entertaining in the warmer months.  We stumbled upon a few great finds while in Virginia & I can't wait to get them in the shop!  Perhaps I will try to take photos again here in the house since my dad helped me set up a flash system for my camera.  

I'm also trying to experiment with a few planning systems buuuuutt I'm pretty sure I'm a pen & paper girl no matter how much I try!  But I have found a few apps (I'm caught up in the app sensation....no lie) that I think I should give a decent shot.

What are you doing today?

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  1. I'm new here, so I don't know what your old design was like- but I do love this one! :) xo leanna


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