Three Cheers for 2012! (Bring it on 2013)

We came home yesterday from visit with my family & in the mail were some iphone pictures from the past year that I'd had printed through PostalPix.  It made me think about what's happened so far this year & how my life has changed so much these past 366 days.

I thought I'd share 12 awesome things of 2012 & 13 things to look forward to in 2013.  Maybe I'll do a post on some goals I have as well...but right now I'm just enjoying being out of the car!!  That ride is loooonnnnggg.

  1. Starting out 2012 with some fun & not so serious goals was great.  Finally, this december I wore red lipstick, one of the goals I started 2012 with!  Also, I kept at it! I ended up making things, starting new shops, & sticking with business!  In fact, there are a whole slew of new things (awesome things) in store for Five Sixteenths Designs.
  2. I shared my blog planner here on the blog & can't wait to start the one for this year.  Santa was really good to me this year. He brought me an iPad (thanks gramma!) so I am hoping to use a planner app.  I think I've found a good one too...can't wait to share.
  3. Keeping up with the blog newsletter was cool...even though it changed as much as my blog layout did!
  4. Our first trip to Michigan was pretty neat.  You can peak some pictures of La Grande Vitesse & Lake Michigan.
  5. I really liked using Pinterest to find color palettes & themes!
  6. Zach & I made pasta from scratch.  The best damn pasta I've ever eaten.  I can't wait to crack open the pasta maker I got him for christmas!
  7. A reason not to go topless.  Seriously, best top coat from Icing!
  8. The boost your blog series has been on of my fave things of 2012.
  9. I moved 800 miles from my home town to start an awesome life with Zach. We're working on the house now & it's wonderful.
  10. It was pretty sweet opening our vintage store & hunting down some nifty stuff.  My favorite find (that sold on the day it was listed!) was the little dachshund planter.  He was awesome.  
  11. I talked about being self-employed or unemployed...I'm still figuring that out.
  12. And finally, we spent the first full month in our house in November.  November was all over the place!
This past year I think I took a better direction with myself & this blog than before.  It was really a self-evaluating year.  I got to know myself better & can't wait to see where 2013 takes me.  I am excited to focus on various aspects of being creative & to just grow professionally.  Hopefully I'll be landing a job too!

  1. Adding more awesome stuff to the vintage shop as soon as I have space to photograph! All the business sides of Five Sixteenths are going to rock it out this year.
  2. Finally having the house done.  4 days is what they are saying until the drywall is done.  Are you kidding!! yay!  Can't wait to have the couch in the right place.  Of course we still need to paint....
  3. Progressing professionally whether it be in self-employment or working another job.  I'm just ready to feel more accomplished.
  4. A few friend's weddings, summer gatherings....warmer weather......I just can't wait to spend a year in our new home & in a new place.
  5. Learning more about html, SEO, etc.  SEO is something I've been putting on the back burner. I just want to learn all kinds of optimization....
  6. A great new blog design.  I've spoken before that I've had trouble discovering what really says Me.  I love the design I have now (like I've loved the other design I've had!) but this one is different...more put together.  It also matches the new Five One Six shop....which is delayed in opening for right now...but I'm on it!
  7. Which brings me to this one: the new shop! I'm working on Five One Six a place for home decor like crocheted accessories, pottery, etc.  Creating a Hostess & Home section of my old shop was something that I wanted to do but just didn't.  Really redefining what I want to do this past year has helped with shaping what I look forward to in 2013.
  8. Going to Chicago more! Not only to see some really rad bloggers that I'd love to meet up with but to go to different museums, the aquarium, etc...I'm excited!
  9. Going to the beach! I can't wait for summer.......
  10. Being active as well.  Not just getting in shape but just doing more things.
  11. Figuring out what's going on in American Horror Story.  I started watching it on Netflix & am totally clueless. 
  12. Setting up my studio.  We've just gotta wait on the house!! Almost done!
  13. Having all around fun & trying new things!  I'd like to set a goal for each month...or maybe bi-monthly...months just seem tooooo short!

Happy New Year everyone!

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