Wednesday Decor // A Sneak Peek into our Home

So FINALLY our house is getting put together.  Are you kidding? It's taken this long to get drywall up? Yes, yes it has.  After finding contractors that were willing to do the work & not ask us why it's so important to get this done we're on our way!  I'm here today to just give you some sneak peeks into what's going on in our downstairs area.

The Living & Office Area
Right now, as we speak (er, type?), there are two lovely gentlemen installing more drywall! The ceiling is completely done & the wall with the windows is being covered!  There are holes for plugs & light switches.  Ceiling light boxes have been installed & it all looks just amazing.  Finally!! FINALLY! 

This picture was before we installed the subfloor & before we mapped out the lights & plugs.  In front of you, there used to be a giant (and ugly) closet with sliding doors.  We ripped that mess out, no question!  Now, the long bowling alley room will be divided into a living area & office.  The above picture has you looking at where Zach's desk will be.  Mine will be to the right, off center from the window.  To the left is the spare bedroom & behind that wall is the utility room under the stairs.  We've taken down the florescent lights & now have track lighting to mount above the desk area and a light with ceiling fan to light the center of the office.  Laminate hard wood flooring will be laid down (and I hope I can convince Zach to agree on a rug!) in the office & then giant bookshelves will separate the living & office area.  The living area will be carpeted & lit by five can lights.  We'll also have tall lamps with reading lights.

The Spare Bedroom & Wall of Doors

These aren't the most up to date pictures.  I tried to snap some earlier but the floor is filled with spare tools & drywall stuff.  But currently the subfloor is in both the bedroom & the closet and drywall is hung in the bathroom, closet, & bedroom.  When we bought this house, this was considered the second bedroom.  However, to be considered a bedroom, this room needed to have a closet off of it so we had to add one.  Unfortunately, the only place to add one was on the wall adjacent to the stairs.  I don't have a before picture, but imagine the wall above with one door.  This door opened to a sink, then on the  right was the water heater, furnace & water softener and to the left a shower stall & toilet.  Not only did that room creep me out but it was also cramped as heck!
We moved the wall about about two feet & added three doors!  The pinkish one opens to a bigger bathroom with a vanity opposite the toilet.  The small, middle door, opens to an itsy bitsy closet (but it's still a closet!).  The next door opens to the utility room under the stairs & it's pretty big! Wish we could store things in there!  The final door is the door to the office area & living area.  The plan for this room is just to be a spare bedroom to house my bed & dresser.  I hope to turn part of it into a place to take product photos!  There is a corner that is just perfect!

I'm not sure if this would be a great bedroom for a child....too many doors monsters could be behind.  Both Zach & I are soooooo damn happy this is progressing.  I'm thinking of making the guys we have working on the house some cookies or something.  Seriously, this is like..... unbelievably awesome!  So awesome we've begun to talk about flooring, carpet & curtain colors!  I'm rooting for teal curtains.........keep your fingers crossed for me!

So there's a little catch up on our situation.  I can't wait to show you more!


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