A Peek into Our Winter Wonderland // Our First Snow

Yesterday it started flurrying a little bit & I got excited.  You see, up here in Indiana....snow is nothing exciting.  Apparently it happens a lot.  Down in Virginia where I was, snow is a big deal.  So I got all excited, stood outside for a bit & took some pictures.  This morning I opened the door for the workers to come in & saw a winter wonderland outside! So I took more pictures!!  Here's how our house looks now, after our first snow.

Here you can see that we are working on our house, look at that cone & the sticker on the windows.  That's also the contractors' truck out there!
We have so many doors on our house.  Three to be exact!  The official front door is the one that faces the street but we've had someone in the past be confused as to which one is the real front door.   I hate that the cone & the little marking flags are in this picture because of how perfect the snow is.  But isn't our little yellow house just adorable!  I couldn't love it more.
There are no houses across the street but a little bit of marshy-ness & then a hill.  So we have a really good view of the houses & trees down the hill.  It's actually a great view! I tried to get a good close up of the snow cover on the houses down there.  I am so glad I caught snowflakes in some of these images!  So pretty.
We have a big back yard with a few different tiers.  Here it is covered in snow! I think in the spring we're going to have a nice little garden in that little boxed off part...at least that's what Zach is thinking. I think it would be nice to grow something...even though I'm sure I don't have a green thumb.

Well that's a little tour of our winter wonderland that I woke up to today.  It sort of surprised me that there was still snow on the ground this morning!

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  1. This house looks so adorable! Congratulations! I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun decorating it. Personally, I would go NUTS with Christmas decorations next year. :)

    1. Oh heck yes!! You be there's going to be some decorating! We just have a teeny tiny tree in our bedroom but Zach is going to hate that our house will resemble the north pole!! I, personally, can not WAIT!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks!!! I can't wait to share the insides!


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