Make it Monday // Printable Table, Stocking, or Gift Tags with PicMonkey

I'm excited to wrap up some gifts before we head down to Virginia! My sister is the queen of wrapping Christmas gifts....& in the past she's taken so much time & color coordinated everything. I sort of just wrap it up in what ever santa themed paper I can find. I do like a nice wrapping paper now & then but even the plainest of wrappings can be spruced up with a lovely gift tag. Like last week's Make it Monday, we'll be using PicMonkey again to make some customized & personal gift tags! 

Like last week, navigate to PicMonkey & select create a collage.  I selected the Card Collage option again & chose 5x7 in size.  You can make your collage any size you'd like by pulling on the sides & top to make it wider & longer.  For a table tag, you may want to make them smaller to fit in with your decor.  But make sure there are two halves, this will allow you to fold the card in half so you can write a message or prop it up on a table.

I used the winter textures that PicMonkey offers because I'm in love with pale blues for winter!! Once you've filled your collage with your textures, save it & open it in the photo editor part of PicMonkey.  Add your text & any clip art:
For a table tag, make each half matching so that everyone at the dinner table can see each other's names!  Make sure to flip the text over, however, so when it's folded in half you can read the name correctly.  An example is below:

These little tags are also great if your stocking don't have names on them.  The stockings at my grandmother's house were the inspiration for these because they have our names pinned to them with regular gift tags.  

As always, I've included some templates you can use below to personalize in PicMonkey:

table tags

(click image)

 Blank Foldable Card

(click image)

Blank Merry Christmas Card

(click image)

I can't believe Christmas is so close!! I'm still waiting on a few gifts to come in the mail & I still have to put together a few more as well. I'm sort of procrastinating but at least everything is ordered! Just an FYI if you want your order in time for Christmas, the last shipping day is December 15th so make sure you've got all your vintage shopping done from 516VINTAGE before December 15th!

Hope you enjoy this little tutorial & that you're getting all your holiday things squared away.  Let me know if you use these little tags!

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