Design Shop Updates // New Design Options Available

This week I worked hard on getting a few new things in the design shop.  I'm excited to have different shops to focus on different things.  Even though it might seem overwhelming, it's been so helpful to narrow things down & group them into categories.  So with in the Five Sixteenths Design shop I've added a few new business card designs as well as blog designs:

a design in purple & gold created with a wedding or even blogger in mind.  Creative & playful with a journalistic feel.  Textured gray background & wider sidebar.

Fun & playful design for the creative lifestyle blogger or vintage loving thrifter.  Big cursive header, separate post & sidebar sections with a pale chevron background.  Great salmon, gold, & gray color palette.

A polka dot & circus inspired design perfect for a creative family.  All white background with confetti accents & cursive header in mint green.  Accommodates four navigation links at the top & features pink outlined widget boxes.

I've also been working on adding customizable bits to add to your blog purchase.  Usually, a premade design comes as a package with the template, header, & social network icons.  If you're interested, color upgrades are available too...but I wanted to add other ways to create an even more unique look with the premade designs.  I've added a Welcome Banner Upgrade to add a matching welcome image to give your design a bit more personality & match the design perfectly.  More elements - banners, titles, clip art, etc - are in the works!

These are the welcome banner examples for the Ahoy There design, Hello Dotty Design, and Rose & Thimble Design but any template in the shop can have an awesome welcome banner!

I like the idea of mixing & matching elements to help bloggers budget their blog design money.  Buy purchasing a blog design, color upgrade, welcome image, + installation you come in at under $100 (if you purchase one of the most expensive templates - if you purchase one of the cheapest templates, you'll be at $69).  These upgrades make your blog comparable to the Full Blog Redesign I offer as a custom service for $250!  No kidding! There's a bunch of html customization to set you apart from the Blogger templates & I pay just as much attention to the premade design as I do custom work.  Personally, I am all about flexibility & availability: I want you to be able to afford something awesome!

I hope if you're in the market for a new design you'll find some lovely ones in the shop.  If you're in the market for a fully custom design, go ahead & check out the Design tab or shoot me an email.  You can also check the portfolio site (which is under construction - again!)

Happy Saturday!!

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  1. Oh my gosh LOVE! I'm so desperate for a redesign. Bahhh unemployment blows! :)

  2. Your work is amazing! I love the rose & thimble! Gorgeous! xxx

  3. I also love the rose and thimble design! ;)

  4. Really your work is too good. I really like this thanks for sharing this.


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