Photos of Fall

I am sooooo very sad I didn't capture nearly any photos of the beautiful leaves that were hanging around this fall.  After Sandy, we got some major wind up here & all the leaves disappeared.  I didn't snap but like two or three pictures so there's really nothing to show!  But the leaves sure were pretty up here.

I got lost one day when we first moved here & ended up at a state park.  I wasn't really lost, I did it on purpose so I could see what was around, & saw a lot!  The lady at the gate gave me a map & showed me where the pretty leaves would be.  On my way home I soaked up some of the colors but was still just exploring the area and taking random turns.  It was really pretty to see all the leaves.

It's been a pretty normal Fall here: just enjoying the fall weather!  We've been busy working on the house & are so thankful Zach's parents have come up, like, every weekend.  We've all gotten a lot done & finally found the right yellow for the new wall we put up where one of the garage doors used to be.  We had it all along! So much for trying to match yellows when the original paint was in the shed.  Door & trim was painted also so we're done with that...now onto the insides.

The weather has been nice but it's been rainy here too.  It rained nearly everyday/afternoon in October but now it's clearing up a bit I guess.  It's also been fluctuating between freezing cold & sweatshirt weather.  I hardly know what to wear! I did just buy a new winter coat & made a winter hat and scarf for this year.  I am dreading the cold but am sorta excited for there to be snow.  Zach says it usually snows on Thanksgiving -which is next week by the way! - but it doesn't stick.

I'm excited for a new Thanksgiving experience but sad I won't be with my family.  I am hoping my Grandma will give me a few pie recipes so I can at least have a bit of home with me this Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll bring my own sweet tea too!  I'll probably share the pie making process but the recipe's gonna be a secret, just so you know!

My maternal grandma always makes pumpkin pie, lemon meringue pie, & chocolate meringue pie.  I wanted to bring something to Zach's parent's house for Thanksgiving but couldn't for the life of me come up with something.  So we're making rolls & I'm making pies now that I've remembered!

So even though our house is a mess, I've been enjoying the view from our font yard.  It's nice even if there aren't any more leaves.

Hope you enjoyed your Fall weather!  Here's to Winter - actually, no....I'm going to freeze!

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  1. Damn gurl, the blog is looking geeewd :) Love the photos.

  2. Man. I love your photos!



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