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Zach & I don't have cable.  I haven't had cable in about two years.  When I moved to Williamsburg, Katie & her room mates had decided to just go with Netflix.  When we both moved in together we decided to keep it that way.  Soon after, Jason signed up for Hulu which was great because now we could see new shows after they aired.  No more X-Files marathons...even though I do believe.

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So here we are in Indiana & Zach and I decide to keep on going with the Hulu & Netflix thing.  Someone once told me that Hulu is for TV & Netflix is for movies.  Which so far we've found to be true.  I haven't watched a single movie on Hulu but I do watch some old TV shows on Netflix.  It's great for marathon days!  I used to miss mindless flipping & History channel on in the background but Netflix has a whole load of documentaries that satisfy my History channel itch.  

We both have different tastes so our Instant Queue looks confusing & I'm sure Netflix thinks we're crazy but it keeps on suggesting things to us.  Here's what we're currently watching:

Revolution - we started watching Revolution at Zach's parent's house when we were staying there.  It moves pretty slowly at times but I still want to follow the story.  I think it would be cooler as a movie, we don't really know how it will go to a second season (though it will probably be like LOST!), & we're not totally heart broken we can't see it on Monday nights.  Usually we don't watch it until the middle of the week when we remember.  It's kinda weird seeing people from LOST show up in there too!

LOST - This is Zach's first time watching it all the way through, we just got to parts he hadn't seen & I'm excited!  This will be my second time watching it but I'll never get back that anticipation that I had watching it for the first time.  LOST is like a drug! I tell you!  Usually we alternate between LOST & SG-U before bed.  Which leads to a dream where Hurley helps Dr. Rush across a desert planet carrying water.

Stargate Universe - On our second date, Zach invited me back to his house for lunch.  After lunch we watched the Stargate Movie.  As we started hanging out more, we watched a few episodes of SG-1 here & there and then it became our show.  Now, a year later we are finally watching the final series....which isn't as awesome as the first series.  SG-1 forever!  It's played more as a drama & less as science fiction.  It does get pretty interesting though.  Zach says it pretty much just ends with no resolution.  Yep, it was cancelled.  Makes me sad!

666 Park Avenue - I can't watch this show in the dark! It scares the bejesus out of me!  I like creepy suspenseful shows & I'm totally addicted to it.  Since I don't watch it when it's on TV I accidentally forget about it & end up watching it with all the lights on at 9 o'clock at night.  I can't wait to see what's really happening at the Drake!  Anyone have any theories? I have my own!

Supernatural - I used to watch this show when it first came out.  My friend Dora & I would watch it & call each other freaking out over the commercial breaks.  I thought it got dumb & stopped watching it but now that I've picked it up again I don't know why I ever stopped.  It's kinda gross sometimes (too much blood) & I think I'm in the 4th season and it's getting a bit more gross.  I was too scared & had to skip through some parts today!  I do love ghosty, creepy, type things with out the gore & terrifying parts.....more The Others & less House on Haunted Hill.  Those Winchester boys are cute too.

All of these compose my daily TV allowance.  Having a show like Supernatural with a million seasons is great background noise.

What do you watch on TV? Any good marathon suggestions?

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  1. we tried giving revolution a chance to grow on us but the main girl grates on my nerves so bad. can't handle it. if it was anyone else besides her playing the part i'd probably like it.

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