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I may or may not be watching RuPaul's Drag Race reruns a long with the All Stars season as I try to organize the house.  There's a lot of Netflix marathons going on in this house as laundry is done, clothes are unpacked, & for plain ol background noise while I work.  Really & truly - I need a desk!  But the downstairs ins't even close to being desk ready so for now I'll work from the bed & the dinning room table.....hooray for posture right?

Anyway, there are very few rooms in the house we can actually have a little bit of control over: the bedroom & the upstairs bathroom.  I recently ordered new sheets in deep purple for us on super dooper sale from Amazon & am working on making or finding the perfect duvet cover.  But this post is dedicated to the bathroom.  We've pretty much got it the way it needs to be minus the shower curtain which I don't think has made it here yet.  But we bought baskets for the back of the toilet & for a little shelf for the linens (which don't match right now) so it's coming together, slowly but surely.

You may remember that Zach & I used Pinterest a lot to talk about the house while we were apart.  You also may remember that we don't agree on anything when it comes to decorating a house so it's important we always keep each other in mind.  He's got a few bathroom decor pin boards so I'm gonna run the following mood board past him & see what he thinks:

Zach has some really cool historical & nature inspired bathroom ideas that I love!  He came up with an idea for a fossil like bathroom.  Since we both love that kinda of stuff (remember the trilobites & fossils in DC?) I thought I'd use that idea for this bathroom.  Since we don't have any real fossils I thought a bathroom inspired by this idea would be really neat.  My favorite part is including the wood & stone accents along with greenery.  I also ended up finding these cool fern imprinted, almost fossil like containers & a stone soap dispenser from Uncommon Goods.

I'm not quite sure if the wooden bathmat is going to go over well, personally I'm afraid it will slip around or create quite a puddle under it.  I hate stepping on a wet bathmat so this one may prevent that! This bathroom, I think, is going to be a good blend of brown & black - totally wrong, I know!  We do already have a black bathmat & I do like the black towels so I think the dark color of the baskets is going to be a way to tie the two colors together.

The baskets we already have are from Hobby Lobby & sit on the back of the toilet and a long white shelf by the sink since with the towels since we have no linen closet!  Our sink has a cabinet & 2 drawers.  The cabinet will probably hold all the cleaning stuff - I'm a stickler for cleaning supplies especially when it comes to kitchen & bathroom cleaning (can't keep anything else clean but counters & tubs apparently!) - and the drawers have my make up & curling iron/straightener, etc.  I don't know about you, but I have a lot of lotions & body sprays....all those Bath & Bodyworks gift cards!  Oh, and nail polishes!  So the tall shelf up there will sit beside the toilet & house things that may not get used often.

So, I hope this is a good blend of the ideas we've come up with for the bathroom.  It's fun having someone to decorate with even if we don't agree sometimes.  Next, I hope to be able to give you a better idea of our bedroom!  I just got my nightstand & I need to add some silver accents so it will match the furniture we already have.  Luckily we found his exact couch & recliner set so we could order another recliner.  That's a relief!

Do you decorate your bathroom?  It is as serious as I've made it?

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