For some reason I've run out of a bit of Blog Steam.  Maybe it's the fact that nothing too exciting is happening here.  We're just working on the house each weekend so that leaves us being exhausted on Sunday evenings & me working on the shops durring the week.  So...not too exciting happening.  Unless you like seeing houses in a state of disarray I thought I'd just do a little Currently post like I've seen around the interwebs here.

Watching: Supernatural on Netflix along with scattered episodes of LOST & SG-U.  Also, I'm in love with 666 Park Avenue.  I don't like scary things but suspenseful things (like Supernatural) really freak me out in a good way.

Reading: Actually, nothing.  I haven't read anything seriously in a long time.  I did read the Hunger Games series but the only thing I'm reading lately are blogs & my Facebook feed.  I'm really picky about books & often don't know where to start to find ones I do like.

Anticipating: Our house being finished, going home for Christmas, going to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens, my first Thanksgiving away from home, unpacking our house, cleaning up our bedroom.  Seriously there is a whole load of things I'm anticipating.

Worrying: About finding another job.  I am looking for something to supplement 516 here.  Mainly I miss working in an office & actually going to work.  I might regret it when it comes to working on 516 stuff.....but I just feel like I need something else.

Wanting: The house to be done, clothes to be put away, etc.  I just want to get to a normal life.

Craving: I'm craving something...I'm not quite sure though...but I know it's a food. I didn't eat much while I was really sick so now I'm hungry but I'm not sure what for.

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  1. I'm jealous! I don't think we get supernatural on Netflix in Canada!


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