5 Things You Should Do the First Week after you've Moved In

Last month was Blogtober, this month is Homevember.  While this won't be a 30 day treat, I'd still like to dedicate quite a few posts to our new home.  There were many ups & downs and I'd really like to share them with you - like why you shouldn't use PODS storage if you don't quite know where you're going - but today's post, I'd like to share some do's instead of don'ts.

I want to share with you 5 things to do when you move in.  Over the past month+ I've done these things, but seriously I should have done these things with in the first week because after we started getting settled, I put them off:

 Clean your Top Loading Washer  - if you've kept your old appliances or appliances were left for you, clean them.  I never thought about cleaning the washer (it's a washer, it washes) but boy I wish I had a picture of the water filling the basin the first bleach cycle.....that's right I went through a few.  (this tutorial was helpful.)  Now it's all squeaky clean & spotless.  So seriously, do it.  Also, clean all your appliances - refrigerator  stove, dishwasher, etc - cuz you should do that when you move in...but you don't think about your washer!

 1 Part Dawn Dish Soap + 1 Part Vinegar  - Do it.  Don't even hesitate.  Your bathroom will be spotless.  Also, go ahead & fill one of those dish soap sponge things with it & keep it in the shower.  Clean when your in there.  Best. Tip. Ever.  Heck, use this to clean anything you can think of...maybe not walls....but sheesh...it's amazing.  When we first moved in, I cleaned the tub with some regular cleaner (wish I had a before picture) but the ring on the tub needed more work so I left it for later.  Then when I read to leave the dawn+vinegar solution on there I sprayed down the shower & left.  I wiped it down in a few hours.....SPARKLING! 

 Vacuum out the Cabinets  - I thought that a good peak & wipe would be ok, but there was some residual..um.... crumbs & other bitties left up in there.  Gross.  So yeah, just do it. And maybe do it again for good measure.

 Change Air Filters  - I have to admit that we were told to do this at the inspection but once we moved in our remodel became the priority.  But I vacuumed the carpet & it was gross, too.....so think of all the stuff that is blowing around your house & needs to go through the filter.....but it's all clogged.  It's inefficient & unhealthy.

 Take Before Pictures  - I have a few but I wish I'd taken more, especially with these tips, but if you're going to remodel or even just want to document the transformation...take pictures! You'll be even more proud when you see where you've come from!

We're still making a bit of progress on the house.  Right now the basement is all down to studs but we did get the floor in the big room done.  We are waiting on the electrician, then it's the dry wall guy, then I think I'll consider us close to being done.  Seriously, I can't wait.

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