Trend Tuesday // November Wishlist

So it's November & it's pretty much time for Christmas.  I guess everyone loves this time of year but I really do.  I love family & food & Christmas lights.  I love it!  Since it's November I thought I'd share with you my wish list for this season or the things I'd can't wait to have during these cold months.  Here in Indiana we just had a little bit of frost on the ground! I can't believe it!  I am probably going to freeze to death this winter but some of these things are going to keep me warm:

Warm Coat -  It's getting chilly here & I'm in need of a warmer coat.  Haven't gone out & grabbed on yet but I sure need to!

Mistletoe Candle - This is my favorite candle this time of year.  It smells so good & I think Katie & I went through at least 2 last year.  Lit it everyday all day!

Fun Patterned Hat - You know, to go with the coat.  Who knows what kind of fun adventures Zach & I will go on this season.  Last year we went around DC in December & it was cold!

Patterned Dresses - I like this dress because of the colar.  It seems like it would be warm even when it's cold.  I recently bought some more tights & can't wait to be done working on the house so I can dress nicely.  Dresses & tights are my favorite part of Fall.

Loafers - I love wearing loafers with dresses & tights.  I am in need of a better pair & these camel colored ones are nice.

Knit Scarf - Getting going on some Christmas gifts as well as making myself a new little scarf has sorta fallen to the back burner.  I'm making a few things here & there...except for Zach.  He wants a pasta maker.  Can't wait to make more pasta like we did on Valentine's Day!

Fun Cardigans - Another fall staple are cardigans.  As it gets into winter they get thicker & thicker but fun colors make me cheerful.  After all, I'm not one to be happy in the cold.

I've got a lot to do today that I want to do & that I don't want to do.  I think that I may be sick this whole Winter.  My cold is gone but I think I've developed some sort of sinus thing.  There was a whole lot of pressure in my head a few days ago but it's letting up now.  I'll continue to take some Sudafed & see what happens.

I am also taking design clients through December so if you'd like a new header, a full on blog design, etc I'd love to help you out!  Just shoot me an email!

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  1. I love everything on this list!
    Especially those oxfords and that scarf.
    I am going to be so sad when scarf weather is over.

  2. That dress looks awesome! I never wear dresses that are heavier, I normally just wear extra clothes over my summer ones haha.



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