Following Blogs on the Road Using Google Reader

I've been traveling with Zach lately while he goes on calls for work.  We've gone through Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, & it's been pretty fun to travel around seeing states I've never seen.  The best part is I carve my way through all the Starbucks locations in the Northern part of the Mid West.  Fun? You bet!

But the hardest thing is keeping up with the blogs I love & following new ones.  Ever since I started blogging I have used Blogger's interface & Google Friend Connect to keep tabs on my favorite blogs & bloggers.  But there is a feature I only realized existed a little bit ago.  So don't hate me if you already know this: You can add blogs to your Blogger reading list by clicking Add on your dashboard & pasting the URL.  Did you know that? I'm tardy to the party.  But how does this help me follow on the road? Adding these blogs to your Blogger reading list imports them into your Google Reader, which you probably already know, & it's Google Reader that I use to read my favorite blogs on the road.

Another thing you may not know about me is that sometimes I'm not very good with change & when I get used to something I don't change it.  So my choice to follow blogs has always been through GFC & when Google took it off of non-Blogger hosted blogs I sought other routes like Twitter, Blog Lovin', & Hello Cotton but I never check the right places regularly so finding out you could add a blog url to your reader through your Blogger dashboard blew my mind.  I know others like to have other following preferences, but Google Reader is mine!  So to cut to the chase, here's what I do to follow blogs while on the road:
You're now following that blog even though they aren't on Blogger or don't have GFC.  This blew my mind & I apologize if you already knew that!  To open Google Reader on the go I use an app on my phone called G-Whizz!  It's $2.99 in the app store but I love it!  Here's what it does for me:

The G-Whizz! app also puts News, Docs/Drive, Calender, etc at my fingertips to check other things on the go.  I haven't even begun to use it to it's full potential because I just use it for blog stuff & nothing fancy.  I don't like checking my email on it (weird I know).

But as we're sewing up that dotted line across a few states I can navigate with Zach's phone in one hand & read my blogs from my phone in my other hand.  Multi. Tasking.

How do you follow blogs? Do you use multiple avenues, Blogger, Twitter? I'd love to know!

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  1. I used to use Google Reader but then ended up with way too many blogs to follow and unread items. Now I keep a bookmark folder of daily reads and the keep on eye out on new posts from my favourite bloggers on Twitter :)

  2. I am totally late to the party on this too..I had no idea that is what the ADD meant!

  3. i used to use blogger and google reader and there are still some blogs that i have on my blogger since they don't have an rss feed, but for the most part i now use bloglovin to read most of my blogs and it can hold the posts i don't read for weeks!


  4. I used to use google reader too but now I use Feedly. It works with google reader and I like its interface and functionality so much more. I'm actually reading your blog through my Feedly iPhone app right now. ;)


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