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Well hello there!! A little late for a post, eh? So sorry, we spent ANOTHER day painting ANOTHER couple odd coats of ONE COAT paint in the ugly blue bedroom & ugly mint green bathroom. Varying shades of toothpaste isn't my bag. White walls forever!!

Anyway, this is the first time I've had to write today's post. I thought is be able to write one this weekend, but I was wrong!! Today I am blogging to you via the Blogger App for iPhone. I know this app has been around forever & I've used it once or twice but never gave a review. Here are my pros & cons:

- it's blogging on the go! It's great for posting pictures & I used it when Katie got married to post a picture a day while we prepared. Great for vacations & to share pictures within family, readers, & friends who may not have instagram.

-if you have multiple blogs, you can switch between then & write, check, or schedule posts.

-setting image width is available too so that you don't post teeny tiny pictures.


-no styling of fonts is available. You can distinguish important things with caps but no bold or italic.

- cant link anything unless you are super stealthy and remember the HTML to do so. It's not hard to type it all in but it's much less of a headache on the web version!!

-composing posts is hard with your thumb, so thats not cool.

-images are only at the BOTTOM of your post so you can't really talk about them as you go.

All in all it's not the greatest app but it can be helpful if you've forgotten to schedule a post. As for composing unique content, I'd stick to the web based Blogger platform.

P.s. if you're waiting on a reply/email I'll send it out tomorrow! Gonna pop by Starbucks for a bit tomorrow then continue to paint my butt off.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!!


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  1. I love this app & can deal with all of the issues EXCEPT for not being able to move my photo's around..that bugs me BIG TIME! How hard can it be to include that feature in the app..lol!


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