Bright Ideas // 3 Ways to Stay Encouraged as a Blogger

Wow, it's been a ridiculous few days here painting & freezing.  Currently we are sleeping in my full size bed (as opposed to Zach's queen size) in the bottom part of the house as the paint dries & it is freezing.  It's been a trying time & honestly I've been avoiding work/emails/blogs like the plague.  It's just been so hard to do all of this with Zach traveling and I just want to leave, comeback, & have it all done but since that's not how it works...I guess I have to tough it out.  I hope November comes & we're all done...really, seriously.

Because I've been avoiding blogging it occurred to me that I should do a flip side of Sunday's post & share ways to be encouraged as a blogger.....and there are many! But here's what I remember:

 You're an Influence  - As a blogger, you're taking a chance open to you to share your journey, your story, etc.  Personally, I am obsessed with identifying with others.  For a long time I had no idea who I was & I reached out to see what others believed, who they were, & what they had to say.  Seeing others struggle like I have or was made me feel like there was someone out there like me & now that I have a voice, I'd like to meet more people!  As your readership grows you're reaching more people.  Please take advantage of this opportunity & position to stand up for something and for yourself.  Someone, somewhere, out there is excited to read what you have to say.

 Blogging Make Friends  - Some of the most awesome people share their lives in the blogging world & it's so awesome to meet them!  Blogging opens up a whole new world of people to meet online & off.  I strongly encourage meeting up with fellow bloggers even if it's just for a day...it's fun to have someone to actually talk shop with!  When I met Megan of Freckled Italian it was awesome to talk about growth, readership, blogs we both read....it's pretty cool to have someone to talk to about something you're passionate about!

 You're a Part of Something  - I guess this goes along with all of this but realizing that you're a part of something cool.  If you're passionate about it you can become a part of it.  Being a part of something you can learn a whole lot, grow, & become a better person.

Now that we've been in the house a few days & I'm discouraged by the fact that one coat paint doesn't live up to its name, I know that being a blogger is a pretty cool thing to be!  So, if you're ever discouraged know that you are doing something even though it may not be all planned out or  you may feel you're just another person dabbling in blogging, there's a lot you can do with it.  Keep on doing it!

Now I'm off to sweep up the basement floor so we can lay the flooring down this weekend......or maybe I'll stay curled up in bed...

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