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Usually any decor posts on Wednesday are named Dorm Dec Wednesday...but since I've graduated & we're moving on up, I thought I'd change the name.  Though we are currently living in a teeeny tiny one bedroom apartment, I am no longer decorating a dorm room & thought up a more grown up title for the the Wednesday decor inspiration: Wednesday Decor.  I think it's a welcomed change & if you pick up a copy of the Blogging Basics eBook that's now out, I talk about how change can be good for you in blogging.  Since life has this tendency to just happen you'll go through change & it's alright if your blog does to!  Blogging is about discovering yourself rather than talking about yourself anyway!

This past weekend Zach & I went home decor shopping.  We went because it was a 3 day weekend & we didn't have much to and because we hardly agree on anything decor related (I've mentioned how we've used pinterest to solve this before)!  We decided it would be good for us to go somewhere that we could pick up & move objects to see what we liked best.  It turned out to be a fun trip where we decided on bedding (yay! + a DIY coming soon!) and bedframe styles.  My favorite stop was when we decided to take a look around Ethan Allen.  I fell in love with how they styled their store!  There was an especially large bookcase filled with different book collections (the first picture below) which got me thinking of all the ways to use books in your home decor with out having them sitting neatly in a row on a book case.  It's much more interesting to have them all around you, unless your into neat rows of books!

Zach & I are always on the hunt for interesting books.  I love bright colors & shapes and Zach looks for interesting topics & sets.  Together we are a great pair of book hunters!

two // three // four
(if you could help with the exact sources, I'd love it! Some of these were found on pinterest pinned months ago!)
4 Ways to Incorporate Vintage Books into your Home Decor:

Mix & Match Collections in a Book Case //  This is perfect if you have a huge book case but not a huge book collection (yet).  Display your books in piles by color, size, genre, author, & mix in other display elements like knick knacks, book ends, sculptures, & even photos.  Create zones and display all nautical related books with shells & family beach photos, for example.  Create an ombre or rainbow effect by displaying books by color.  

Unique Photo Display //  Sometimes we find books that are a little worse for wear but the insides & the covers are in an awesome distressed condition that would make them perfect to repurpose.  We can't stand to do it, but using the book bones to make a great photo display can add to your inspiration space in your studio, create a cool entry way display, & add a bit of interest to any room.  Consider using all one color, all one genre, all one topic, etc for a cohesive look.

Display a Curated Collection // Displaying a carefully assmebled collection can say a lot about a room's decor & your interests.  In the 516VINTAGE shop, we curate our book collections currently by subject matter.  Curating a collection by more than color creates depth to a room & allows your true interests to shine through your decor.  Consider our collection of children's study books as decor to a nursery or child's room.  A collection of late 19th & early 20th century American History School books is perfect for a history buff's office

Elevate a Lamp for Better Lighting //  When I was in college a lot of my apartments didn't have overhead lighting.  I am a lighting snob: I have to have all the available lights in the room on or else I can't see squat!  I used to elevate my bedside lamp & my desk lamp on books in order to gain more lighting.  Not only is this functional but its pretty too!

Books have to be one of our favorite things to collect.  Zach can't stand to see a good book let go & I love thinking of all the hands that once touched them & all the minds that ones enjoyed them.  It's great to be able to connect with others & use books to bring a bit of warmth into your home.  Check out the 516VINTAGE instant book collections (expanding oh so soon!) because a house filled with books is a good place to live!

How do you use books in your home? Are they purely practical or do you mix it up?

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  1. Been catching up with ya, your new vintage shop is GORGEOUS! Loving your posts, shops, art, and good eye as always. Keep it up! :)


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