A Vintage Story // Shoe Shine Kit

516VINTAGE has been open for a week now & it's been so fun for us to connect with others who appreciate the items in the shop. 516VINTAGE was born out of an idea to share stories & not just quality products.  One of the items with the most unique story is the Shoe Shine Kit found here for $30.

This happens to be one of Zach's favorite items in the shop & comes with a wonderful story.  Zach told me that while he was shopping around a Garage Sale he stumbled upon the kit & though it was well constructed & interesting.  Upon inquiring more to the host of the Garage Sale Zach discovered that the kit was handmade by the gentleman's father from oak shipping palettes in the 30's or 40's.  Instantly Zach took an even better liking to the kit.  
For me, as the part of the team that usually has Zach bringing things back, the stories Zach finds are my favorite.  When Zach & I started dating there were plenty of stories we'd share with each other regarding the objects we'd found or collected.  We both share a need to connect with others & cherish memories.  It's from this story telling to each other that we decided to open 516VINTAGE.  We want to preserve these stories & these items to pass down to you.

We've both felt that having these items with specific memories add a bit of depth to our home & preserve a little bit of the collective history we come from.  You can learn more about our vintage story here.

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