Revisiting my Summer Bucket List

Well it is September here at Five Sixteenths (and in the rest of the world, why did I say that??) & it' time to review my Summer Bucket List.  I set a few personal summer goals back at the end of June & want to go back & see what I've done so far.

- Take loads on instax pictures & make another album
- Wreck a disposable camera & take pictures with it
Did it! Capture your Summer on Film
- Spend 4th of July with the family at the lake
4th of July Boat Parade!
- Use my amusement park pass at least 8 times - I think I did this!
- Have a picnic
- Have my dad do a photo shoot with my sister & I
- Spend time with my Grandma
A trip to the Botanical Gardens in my hometown with the family
- Visit my Grandaddy's grave more 

Sadly, I didn't pay enough attention & let time slip away from me.  I feel terrible for not saying good bye before I left on my trip.  I was spending time with my family who was all in for a bit before I left & let this slip my mine.  I can't wait to go back around Christmas time to dedicate time to reflecting back on my life with my granddad.  He was an amazing man. I am so sad he can't see me progress & grow and I am even more sad I let time with him (even at his grave) slip through my fingers.

- Make memories on Lake Michigan
Coast Guard Festival

- Go antiquing with Zach  - We ended up scoring a vintage hard case luggage set for free from an estate sale  when Zach offered to move a couch in exchange for the set.  Sweet huh? In fact,the shop launch is today! Go over to 516VINTAGE to check it out!
- Get off my phone more
- Have a BBQ before we move out of our town house - We didn't have a BBQ but there was good food & friends the weekend before I left!
- Go to the beach
- Soak up as much sun as possible while sitting on a float in the pool or off the dock.  - Spent 4th of July & a few weekends before I left hanging with the fam at the pool & the lake.  I love the water!
The parts of houses we forget about as we grow.  The concrete patio at my aunt's lake house

- Drink RC cola & sweet tea
- Lay in the grass
- Experience the summer & not just photograph it - I've actually had an opportunity to do this! First, I haven't been able to capture a lot of good pictures with my phone & I don't want to carry my DSLR out of laziness.  Then, the film in my instax camera was loaded incorrectly in the cartridge! What the heck???!!? So I've been soaking up Summer & not just taking pictures of it!
- Drive solo (maybe) up north to meet Zach - Zach & I drove up together.  

I also revisited my blog goals earlier in the month.  Goals are so important to me, even the ones that slip through my reach.  It's about growing & learning not marking things off your list, honestly.  Remember ages ago when I said I gave up on my 20 before 24 goals?  Well giving up on them allowed me more time to focus on things that suddenly became more important in my life.

These personal goals gave me an opportunity to focus on my life & relationships rather than jobs & business, etc.  It is important to set personal goals as well as other goals...that way you won't let things slip through your grasp.  Also, if you remember this post about feeling stressed and unable to say no? I am happy to say that setting some boundaries has really helped me manage my personal & business oriented life.  While they overlap sometimes, because I find it fun to work on my business, I've tried my best to keep them separate...because my personal relationships need love too!  On Thursday, I shared a bit about how self employment has helped me balance this more but how I feel unemployed at the same time.

What have you done this summer to enhance your quality of life?  Have you unplugged like Samantha encouraged you to at the beginning of August?  Did you set a Summer Bucket List?

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