Trend Tuesday // It's All in the Details

For me, sometimes the thing that sells me on a product is the attention to detail.  Not only is this important in handmade shops but in big retailers as well.  While the details on handmade items usually last longer & don't hang from poorly sewn threads, I still try to pay attention to every curve, every button, & every stitch when I am out.

Paying attention to the details in my own work is sometimes frustrating & I often forget it.  A pot won't be smooth enough because I didn't pay attention to a drip or a stitch will be missed because I am just moving too fast.  Paying attention to details encourages me to remember to slow down.  It encourages me to remember it's about quality, not quantity.  Here are some details I am loving this week:

The crochet latch detail on this back pack perfect for your back to school needs.  
From Marinsss on Etsy
The bold square handle cut outs of this serving & storage bowl.

The lovely details of the luggage we have listed in our vintage shop
From 516VINTAGE on Etsy.

Details make the connection for me.  What about you?

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  1. I 100% agree that the little details are what make an item special. I used to try and make things interesting by buying really bold insane pieces (of clothing mostly, but also just STUFF in general), but I'm starting to realize that there's a beauty to SIMPLE special details, little things. Loved this post :)


  2. Details are so important to me, it's the little things that really set items and work apart. You've chosen some great detailed items here, I LOVE that backpack with the crochet detail!


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