My Favorite People to Follow on Twitter

This post is just a random post to let you in on my Twitter obsession.  It has made my day every single day to see new followers of my crazy ramblings on Twitter.  Twitter really is the best thing since sliced bread & I love being able to connect with people interested in the same things.  I love answering questions, sharing cool stuff, & just all around promoting what I love! It is the perfect forum to spread anything (maybe not the common cold, but you get the idea)

I love Twitter & I love to tweet, so I thought I'd share who I most love to follow in case you're looking for some more awesomeness in your life:

My Queens // I love me some lovely Drag Queens, so the queens I follow (in no particular order are) Raven, Pandora Boxx, Mimi Imfurst, & Juju Bee.  I LOVE me some RuPaul's Drag Race & can't get over it.  I love that Logo has the episodes online, too.  There is nothing better than a man in a dress, just saying :)

Campfire Chic // This chick is like a social media maven.  She has such good advice & there is always something awesome coming from her part of the twittersphere.  Whether its asking her monthly question or sharing the things she's found, I love it.  There has been more than one occasion that I've suggested something of hers to other bloggers.

My Creatives // These people are people that I look up to, that are creative, inspiring, & just make me happy.  They spread awesomeness like it's no body's business & you should just go follow them now.  This includes people like Kaelah Bee, SuiteOneStudio, GoodDayHoward, PuglyPixel, KeriBotch, & Pamplemousse83.  There is always in inspiring word to be said, a compliment to be given, an interesting thing to check out, a creative endeavor, & fun positivity in their tweets.  I love having them in my twitter roll.

My Bffls // These tweeps are the ones I interact with on a daily basis & ones that I am sure would be so fun to hang out with if we were all ever in the same room.  I love being able to have a conversation with them whenever I can.  These people are Kristin1028, Leonuhhh, Katie_Rhine, & Megan_Flynn.  Half of these people are real life friends, the other half are friends I'd like to meet in real life!

Most importantly though, I appreciate each & every person I follow on twitter and every person that follows me.  I am really picky about who I follow because I don't want to get over run but I love interacting with everyone on Twitter so go on ahead and send me a tweet tweet! It's just so much fun to share!

I am still in the process & don't know if I'll get there of organizing the tweepies I follow into lists.  I think it's a great feature if you only want to see updates from a few select people.  I just wish I could get motivated to organize my inbox!! I still have no idea what to do!

What types of people do you follow on Twitter? Have any one absolute favorite?

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  1. Are you kidding? Twitter is my favorite thing ever. I view it through Hootsuite which just makes my obsession even worse lol! I'm kinda picky about who I follow too but I do find myself following a lot of people in a similiar situation as me (crafty/creative/bloggers) and some celebrities...oh, I love RuPaul and Drag Queens too! :)

    1. Yeah! Twitter is so great..I feel like it's an office building filled with all of my friends..so when I got to 'work' I am really able to chit chat in the break room.

      I am STILL trying to organize everyone into lists. But its so fun :)


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