Pictures from Around our Pit Stop

Today I thought I'd share with you some pictures of our little Pit Stop before we end up in Indiana.  It's been a full two weeks & I have to say it's been pretty fun.  I've been using this time to really focus on the blog, the shop (read about our new adventure here!), the newsletter, & just to focus on some me time.  It's been really great to be able to develop more as a blogger.  I've got some lovely guest posts lined up for the months of August & September all related to newsletters.  I am in love with my blog newsletter & want to share with you a lot about what I've done to make mine super fantastic.  Each post has some dedicated original content so you're not going to get the same thing from each post...but you'll learn a whole lot from all of them!  The first one is actually live today on Her New Leaf...go check it out!  And if you want super secret access to this super secret Blogging eBook Chapter 0, sign up for the newsletter & you'll get instant access September 1st when the newsletter & ebook launches!

Michigan has been lovely so far - minus the insane long drives to get places, the sometimes annoying extreme norther accents, and the fact that I can't turn left - and I am enjoying my stay.  Take a peak at what I've done the past two weeks:
First mission: Finda Target with a Starbucks in it.  Done! Now I could move on to finding my regular Starbucks!
My little place at the kitchen table by the biggest light source in the house.  I have the curtains open until about 3 when the sun gets the apartment too hot.  It's perfect for product photos!
Starbucks is a ways up the road but it's perfect to just sit, do work, & people watch.  I actually get more done there than at home!  I really like it..its like going to work everyday :)  I try to go on Mondays just to get myself in the groove for the rest of the week.
The view out the large window from my little place at the kitchen table.  The clouds and trees are lovely.  We also go down to the pond every now & then to swim or have campfires.  It's a lovely little place & I really love being here.
The apartment itself.  It's cozy & cute and filled with Zach's books, my kiln, spare electronics & computer desks, any VHS tape you want from the 90's, & a window AC unit you have to turn off in order to microwave things.  But most importantly, it's filled with us.
Our visit to Grand Haven for the Coast Guard Festival. Here we tourd a big boat, took a walk down a long pier, laid on the grass, & just enjoyed ourselves.  It's really great to be back together enjoying the things we both enjoy!
Our first dinner in the apartment. Oddly enough, the first meal Zach ever made me was a pasta dish with chicken & either green beans or asparagus.  Hmmmmmm....that is weird huh?
My wheel was delivered on a Friday after ordering it on a Wednesday! Talk about speedy delivery! So excited to play around with it!
My go to shoes for our little outings & around the house.  I've fallen in love with lacing these up.  I just love to slip them on, tie them, & go.  They keep my feet warm in the chilly Starbucks too!

Hope you're doing well!

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