Make it Monday // Make a List - 30 Lists Preview

I mentioned last Friday that Five Sixteenths is sponsoring 30 Days of Lists for it's 4th session in September!  And guess what...registration is now open! If you haven't heard of 30 Lists, let me fill you in:
30 Lists is a great way to make a scrapbook for a whole month! Only about 5-10 minutes a day are needed to make a great memory book!  Prompted by a topic a day, fill up a book with small lists to get started in journaling.  I joined 30 lists (way back in the beginning) to kick start my journaling & blogging ideas.  A list a day, that's all it takes to come away with a great snapshot of your life through September. (learn more here!)

30 Lists is a great opportunity to connect with other cool people (not just bloggers) & give you something to blog about!  I joined 30 lists the first go round not only to participate in something cool but I wanted to have something relevant to blog about while I was finding my blogging voice.  While I'm tying up the ends here on the Blogging 101 eBook, one of the key points I am focusing on here in the end is Networking.  Blogging has a lot to do with networking! If you don't connect with other bloggers, you won't make friends! (Which is a great part of blogging.) So, a great networking opportunity to dive into this September is 30 Lists.  If you're down for it, click here to sign up or click the button in the sidebar & kick of your September right!  (Also, if you enter before August 15th, you're entered to win a set of 3 Kerri Smith books! Preeeetty cool!

Now for a little pre-September list:
Meals this Week
-favorite meals this week-
*spring mix, sliced strawberries, parmesan cheese, sweet vadalia onion dressing*
*grilled chicken, green beans, spaghetti*
*creamed peas on toast*
*banana walnut bread from Starbucks*
*stuffed chicken marsala from Olive Garden*
*home made chicken noodle soup*
*steak, sweet corn, baked potatoes*

This wee was actually a momentous meal week.  Not only did I get to eat a lot of yummy food but Zach & I made our first meal together as a cohabiting-couple.  I actually plan on doing a lot of instagram crossed lists & this one was no exception.  Some meals from this week:
This is creamed peas on toast! So gross looking but so yummy! 

If you want to check out all the sponsors, ambassadors, & hosts check out below.  We' all got a post up to give you some great list making ideas!

I hope you'll join us! I really do!!

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  1. I love the colors on your book! I've never seen anyone eat peas on toast before but my husband-that's so awesome!

  2. Ok, to me, who looooves pea, the toast thing looks Delicious! :)

  3. I LOVE stuffed chicken marsala from Olive Garden! I just learned to make it myself last month: I was so proud (it took me several tries).

  4. Your peas on toast has me intrigued xD Gonna have to give it a try!

  5. I think I might try this 30 lists idea - it sounds like a great way to build community with bloggers ANNNND something to keep me journaling and stuff! Gonna look into it! :)


  6. So excited to try this! Sounds so fun and motivating for journaling! And I'm excited to find a notebook to use! Thanks for sharing! :)


  7. I love that you used photos! Such a good idea, now I'm HUNGRY


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