Sum Up Sunday #60 // Unexpected (Expected) Gifts

So I have this wonderful man here & his name is Zach.  Though he sometimes, like any normal person, has his doubts about my wish to make pottery/pretty things as a job, he is so loving & wants to see me succeed that he bought me a kiln & a wheel.  Talk about some love right there.  This man makes me wonder everyday what I did to ever deserve him.  No one I've ever known before has been so supportive of me that they shell out the dough to help fund my creative dream  He gives me ideas, wakes me up in the middle of the night with something he's thought of, asks me questions....he is just all around great.  I truly hope I am doing enough for him!

On, I think, Wednesday I sent Zach a link for a pottery wheel that was on sale.  We'd been trying for ages to find one on Craigslist but were always finding ones way too far away that would cost us an arm and a leg for gas + wheel.  We decided on a Clay Boss one from Speedball.  It was affordable (on sale even!) & would definitely do the trick for right now.  So he orders it on Wednesday & we get the tracking.

'Wow,' he says, 'it will be here on Saturday when we get back from the Coast Guard Festival.'
'Holy smokes!' I say, "That was fast!'

Skip to Thursday:
'Um, I think it's going to be here on Friday,' he says.
'Really? What the heck!?!' I say.
the box it arrived in.
Skip to Friday, Zach calls me while I am assembling it:
'I'm following FedEx, it says it was delivered,' he says.
'Yep! Putting it together right now!' I say.

So I finished putting it together, bugged Zach's dad for an extension cord & set off seeing if she worked.  Guess what, she did!
to excited to use a filter on this through Instagram.  I guess that's good for the blog huh?
So I threw a tiny Inaugural Ball & showed Zach's dad a thing or two about pottery - where to trim, how thick the bottom is, etc.  I think my ceramic instructor at the community center would have be proud that I used her 'cut pot in half, use finger to draw what will be trimmed' method of demonstrating.  After switching chairs & still needing a bit higher one, I am proud to say I am back in the mud.  What was that, just over a week with out it?

Now I need some place to put the things I make! I have a few balls of clay left over here but I am not sure if I should use them up now or wait until later.  I guess I could use the practice.
Any way, I am the most excited I could ever be to have this fun new toy to play with.  I can't wait to use it so, so, sooooo much more!

How was your weekend?

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