Scenes from Michigan // Coast Guard Festival

Now that Zach & I are together again we can get back in our swing of going & doing some cool things.  We like to spend very little money to go do things on the regular.  Usually we'll go to festivals (like coast guard fest) or go perusing some antique shops or estate sales.  We do like to take official trips though, sometimes.

But this past weekend we headed to Grand Haven on the coast of Lake Michigan for the Coast Guard Festival.  We took a tour of a big boat, walked along the pier, & laid on the grass.  

It was nice being near the water again but I still don't believe that Lake Michigan is a lake....do you see how big it is? And yes, that is a light house!!  That seagull let me get so close to him.  There are a series of pictures where I am just walking up close to him.  I totally thought he would fly away, but he didn't. Pretty weird.

Afterwards we hit up an estate sale & got a set of hard case luggage for free!  Someone was picking up a couch & needed help moving it into their car.  So Zach said 'I'll move the couch if you throw in the luggage.'  I guess being there the last day of the sale does pay off!  Zach is much better at haggling & throwing on the pressure than I am...so I let him do that, & usually we get a good deal!  In fact, we have so much fun searching, hunting, & picking up cool stuff that we are working on a sweet surprise that we'll be developing over the next few months.  (I want to share so much with you but I really can't!!)

In fact, I made my first sale of August the other day.  Getting everything in gear has been really exciting.  I have been keeping track of everything, laying out a plan...etc, etc.  It's been pretty fun.  I'm just trying to chug along & get everything in order. I have to say having a good support system has been really helpful.  Still trying to get everything in line so I don't flounder.....but a sale so far in August is a little celebration, don't you think?

How do you have fun in your home state? Are there any annual gatherings/festivals you head to?

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  1. We were there for the festival too! That's really neat :) The husband and I enjoyed the ships, etc but the kiddos were more excited to see the seagulls (like there aren't hundreds of them at home?).


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