Feature Sponsor Guest Post // Katie & Her New House

If you didn't know, Katie (last month's feature sponsor) & I used to be room mates.  Since we both just made big ol moves, I thought I'd give her some time to come up with her sponsor spot guest post.  Since moving is stressful enough, why would you want to be stressed about writing for someone else's blog??  So here she is to share a bit about what she's done in her new house.

Lately my husband and I decided to buy a house.  We found the perfect place for the two of us and our pup, put an offer and now its ours.  Funny how life can find a way to make things challenging: my husband got called for a temporary deployment the day after we signed all the papers.  It's been an interesting process, but so far it's been fun.  For me, the theme for August is "making a house our home"
After the hubs and I picked some paint colors for the bedroom (Gypsy Rouge and Smoked Oyster) I felt like the room needed something else.  Of course I haven't gotten around to unpacking the wall hangings, but I needed an easy accent to compliment my fine paint job.  (Well, I probably shouldn't quit my day job, but its a good enough paint job for me!)

I noticed all of the wall plugs and light switch covers were dingy and old.  Rather than spending $5 each to replace them all, I got a $4 can of hammered bronze spray paint, and went to town.  

So far, it's been a nice little touch.  I'm just about set up in the bedroom other than wall hangings.  Next stop, painting the bathroom and setting up the kitchen.  

You can connect with Katie on her blog or on twitter.  Her whole house is coming together rather nicely.  Look at little Cody there...so adorable!


  1. Ooh! How is the bronze paint working out? Mine are also that gross beige colour that just looks old and dirty. I'd like to make them a bright white. I think I'll look into this!

    1. I love the paint. It worked so well I've been using it on everything- I painted a picture frame, the curtain rods, and buttons for some labels I'm making. We used the paint on the switch covers in our previous house, and the paint held up very well!

  2. Oooh! I did this once, too! Back at one of our old places, I had a little office all to myself that I painted orange and used the hammered bronze spray paint on a lamp, a glass candle bowl thingy, a metal sign, the switch and outlet plates and the tops of the blinds and it turned out great.

    You can see it here: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3162/2622997656_f25d707701_b.jpg

  3. Very cute! I love the purple!



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