My Old Craft Notebook // Things Found While Packing

So we've been in Michigan for nearly a week now & its been a hard trek.  I am attempting to switch my bank over, attempting to settle into the little apartment we are in for a month, & attempting to stay sane.  I've got a few blog design clients to keep my busy & help me learn new things.

Today I wanted to share with you my very, very old craft notebook that I found while packing up things from my parents' house.  I remember getting this notebook in a set of 2 from Costco.  Going to Costco used to be a cool thing for us when we were little.  We'd get to look at the book section & come away with something super cool.  I picked these notebooks because of the travel theme.  I remember printing things off from the computer, cutting them out, & pasting them in.  It was like primitive pinterest!

Here's a sneak peak & sorry for the grainy iphone photos!  I took these late at night with only my bedside lamp so they look really grainy! No sort of editing would have helped them I don't think!
The front cover is so cool! I am kinda sad I pasted a whole bunch of things in there.  I really would like to have this blank again! But then I'd probably consider it too precious to write in.  I am horrible with that!

My favorite part was finding old Twinkie Chan inspiration for crochet.  Man oh man did I love me some Twinkie Chan! I couldn't afford any of her work & now I want a scarf soooo bad just to say I have something from my idol!

Then I found little doodles at the end.  I don't know what these were for!  I think that little doodle under the cloud sorta thing & the cupcake next to the pie looking thing is supposed to be part of a vacuum.  I don't know why I was drawing these!

Looking back on this little inspiration book, I've realized how far I've come with my ideas.  This book was filled with things I wanted to replicate.  I sort of had the idea of if I can make it, I can sell it & just wanted to make what other people were making..they were having success right? But I realized that I wasn't that creative in crochet & needed to find a way of making something my own.  For a long while I just dabbled in any medium I could make something out of.  Now as I've grown I've found what I love to do & it deals with three things: Crochet, Pottery, & Blog Design.  I really would love for the pottery & crochet part of my shop to take off & have big plans for making & listing things for fall & winter.

I have a few new scarves I am going to add, some new hats too, I am working on making the look of my shop more cohesive, & I am toying with the idea of opening a separate shop for pottery & crocheted things.  I just need to work on cohesiveness.  This is the struggle I am having now: Making all my product photos look like they are from the same shop & being a bit unique.

I really like the backdrop of my pottery photos & love the rustic feel.  But that doesn't translate in to the blog designs that I do.  I've seen shops with multiple types of items have a totally cohesive look & I just can't seem to do it!

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you a peak into the high school me.  It's so weird to think that I was ever that young.  I look back & think it wasn't that long ago, then I find something like this & realize how young I was!

I wonder what I'll find out about my self now 10 years from now when I look back in the notebooks from today!

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  1. I love your old notebook- so cute! And those doodles are RAD! Also, I think you're amazing. Just opening a shop is a huge step. I think we're all trying to find that specific "niche" or cohesive look that symbolizes our brand. It will come- just keep doing your thing girl!


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