Fan Friday #67 // More DIY Inspiration

Well y'all I've been in Michigan for nearly a week.  Zach has gotten up and gone to work everyday & I've gotten up and worked on scarves, business card designs, blog designs, hats, the eBook, the newsletter....it's been awesome!!  But I do have one favor to ask...will you be my first sale in August?  Making this dream a reality means having the means to back it up & it sure would make my day to pack up a lovely item for you & ship it your way!  (It would also give me an excuse to go get a coffee!)

Anyway, here are some lovely DIY's I've found this week that I just couldn't wait to share with you:

This awesomely adorable bag made by Lindsay over at Hello Hydrangea.  She did this DIY in two parts (one & two).  What a great way to show some suspense!  Having cool things in two parts is great to give readers a reason to come on back!

This sweet way of dressing up store bought mail holders & office accessories.  What a way to add some vintage flair from Camille Styles.

This way from Lucky Mag to make your jewelry/vanity look gorgeous!  Now to convince Zach that I need to do this! Our little room at our new house is waaaayyyyy tiny..but hopefully we can come to an agreement on a few things :)  Lucky Mag suggests cake stands & candy dishes that are a bit out of my price range...you could totally diy some with thrift store plates, candle holders, & E6000 or even check the Dollar Stores!

And I am gearing up for the September Edition of 30 Days of Lists*! Can you believe it? I totally bombed on the go round in March :( But am so excited to be a part of 30 Lists this September.  So to gear up, I am toying with ideas for my own list notebook.  If you're into using your sewing machine in unconventional ways & wanna use up some stuff you have around your house give this DIY a try from Lux Per Diem.

Links Loved
++This super easy light box DIY that I might be using here soon to take pictures of the new hats for the shop.  I can't wait to get 'em in there!++

++This Vintage Wood Stain DIY that sadly doesn't lead back to the original website...from Pinterest++

++This blog is just all around lovely.  Sometimes I think I want Five Sixteenths to go in a more desinger-y blog direction but then I realize it's just not me.  I am not clean & simple & minimal in real life.  You should see the yarn pile next to me (I am not ashamed!)++

I hope your week has gone by well enough!  If you are interested & want to do a cool little project either personally or for your blog, consider joining 30 Days of Lists.  Just click* to register!

What will you do this weekend?

*as a sponsor of 30 Days of Lists I have signed up for their affiliate program.  By clicking any 30 Days of Lists button/link on Five Sixteenths & registering, I will get a percentage of the revenue generated. 30 Days of Lists is a fun & community engaging project that I can't wait to be a part of!
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