Make it Monday // Pixelated Print DIY

Hooray!! It's my first Monday in Michigan!!  If you missed it you can check my Sum Up Sunday post from yesterday.  I've rounded up all the sweet tea there is in Michigan & am finally comfortable to say that I've made it.  Zach & I have moved into the little apartment above the garage.  Its been a long while  of packing & unpacking....but we did it.

Last Monday I shared with you a Vacation Poster DIY & today I want to share with you another photo print DIY using one of the photos from last week:
This is the photo I used as the example in using Pixlr-o-matic.  This photo is my favorite!  I took it right before I knew exactly how big Lake Michigan is!  I wanted to use it in other way so I started playing around in Picasa & came up with this:
This pixelated look is super cool! To do this, run your photo through Pixlr-o-matic if you want different colors (that's what I did) or use the image as it is.  For this example I'll use the image as it is.
Open up your image in Picasa & apply the pixel feature, sliding the bar named Pixel Size all the way to the right.
Then, if you wish, add text.  The fonts I used were Anchor Yard Regular & Bebas Neue.  Anchor Yard Regular has cute little anchors for the number characters so I chose to throw one in there.

Another pretty cool piece of art that we can hang in our house from our vacation!

We are going to be in this Michigan Pit Stop for a little while until our house is available.  So far its been nice.  Perhaps this evening I'll go for a dip in the pond & a walk down the dirt road.  Honestly, Michigan is a lot like Virginia.  They both are very, very pretty.

Enjoy your Monday!

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  1. Hi, Moe! (Newer) follower here :] Welcome to Michigan! I live in the Upper Peninsula and I just love it. I hope you're loving it too, it's so beautiful. Thanks for the super easy and adorable DIY! Pinning it now :]

  2. This is pretty cool - I like that it becomes pretty abstract but you still will always know exactly what it was originally :P


  3. Hey lovely! So glad to hear you're settling in well! Just checking you received my emails? xxx
    Island Girl Insights ♥


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