Trend Tuesday // Indiana or Bust

(As you can tell by my Sum Up Sunday post this is not what I wore at all! I had this all set out to look cute & comfy...but the lack of AC in my baby Regal made me change my mind.  In my heart though, this is what I wore lol)

So it's Tuesday here I wanted to share with you want I wore on my way up north to Michigan for our little pit stop.  We loaded everything in the car on Saturday and proceeded to sew up the dotted yellow line to Michigan over the next 13-15 hours.  Like our trip before, I though we'd never get there.

I decided to dress comfy & casual as I'd be sitting for 8 million years front seat of my little baby Regal.  When we were little we never really wore comfy clothes when we went on road trips.  I think it was an unspoken rule that we weren't allowed to wear pajamas or anything.  But on Sunday, I decided that I'd wear the closest thing to PJs I could get away with: leggings as pants.

That's right, this girl wore leggings as pants & stopped at gas stations, restaurants, etc and wasn't ashamed one bit.  Also, I wore a trusty denim shirt...because, you know...I love denim shirts:

What I Wore

We're in this pit stop I like to call Michigan until our house is ready to move into.  I've got some exciting art work to share with you, some lovely home decor inspiration, & am pretty much just stoked to be with my man for a while!

Hopefully in this month long pit stop I'll be able to get official business plans going for Five Sixteenths & have the fall/winter shop all updated with comfy cozy knits!

This weekender bag you can find here but if you're down for DIYing your own, here's a lovely tutorial from A Beautiful Mess!

I have posts scheduled (so you're not missing Five Sixteenths!) & am working on designs/shop stuff over this pit stop but am sort of taking a blogging break.  If you absolutely must get a hold of me, try tweeting me....I'll probably get back to you much sooner!

What do you wear in the car on road trips?

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