Sum Up Sunday #59

Well, it's official....I am in Michigan.  In fact, just a little while ago, we finished unloading the truck & everything is either in the garage, in the apartment, or still in my car (whoops!).  Here are some scenes from the drive:
Waiting to pack the Uhaul
Adios Virginia
Through Pennsylvania
The start of rain on the Turnpike
Moments later it began to pour.  Zach was filling up the tank!

A tiny baby rainbow
Sunset through Ohio
We got to Michigan around 2:30am...then we promptly crawled in bed.  There is just something about being around Zach that makes me want to snuggle all day! Today we did get up & he showed me around.  I now know about Michigan lefts, that Hobby Lobby is closed on Sunday, & where Office Max is.  Hopefully I'll learn my way around better.

This month is going to be filled with getting Five Sixteenths in gear.  I think I am going to take new product photos because everything looks like it's from different shops...even though I love the photos I want to make it more streamlined to match the blog designs.  I don't really want to open up a second shop for that.  I have thought about moving to Storenvy but I am just not sold on it yet!  But more professional looking PDFs for clients, cohesive stuff all around, etc.  Pretty vague 'eh?

I am glad I know where Office Max is because I am going to get to work on my business binder (I'll touch on that later!) & I need to print some things.  I am FINALLY going to set up my printer after having it for a year!!

Well, I hope that you've had a great weekend! I am glad I am finally in Michigan.

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  1. Lovely pictures of the rain clouds and sunsets! And glad your move went well :)


  2. congrats on making it! i moved from southern ohio to PA just last year and it was hard! and i HATE the turnpike - wayyy too expensive with the tolls. annoys me!

    good luck getting settled!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. love the photos!

    but what's a michigan left?

  4. Yes, please explain what a Michigan left is? So glad you got there OK!

  5. As your (now former) roomie, I don't like it. Not one bit.
    But as your friend, I'm SO excited for you!!!!! But I still don't like it.

    I'm glad you made it, Ms Adventure Queen!


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